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What Where People Watching Last Night During Another Sunday of Quarentine

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By Mario Perez

These days TV ratings may not be the main indicator when it comes to figuring out what people are actually watching or spending time on. You know because maybe you were glued to the TV last night, but you were watching the Mandalorian or a show on Netflix.

In another Sunday of quarantine though, major networks once again competed to see which one of them obtained the best ratings. The numbers don't lie, people are still really into music. They are essentially using it to "get away" from these tough times.

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The iHeart Living Room Concert

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Certainly, the people at iHeart Radio and Fox are bound to be happy that the special event that they organized to raise funds for charity and keep people entertained and still at home on Sunday worked perfectly. The iHeart Living Room Concert grabbed some of the best ratings of the weekend.

If the producers of the show though would get a chance to do it over they may want to rethink the timeslot that they put it in. It seems it was a little late on the east coast and that hurt the actual number of people watching.

American Idol The Big Winner

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One of the reasons why the iHeart Stay At Home Concert was put in such a late time slot may have been the fact that Fox did not want the show to fully overlap and therefore compete with American Idol on ABC. The show that ironically started on Fox in the 2000s was the big winner in overall viewership last night.

Even though it boasted the same 1.3 viewership rating as the iHeart Stay at Home Concert, according to reports around 7 million people tuned in to watch the show

Comedy is Still King


If you are one of those people that live in a world of only streaming services and you don't spend much time on network television you may be very surprised to hear this. America's Funniest Home Videos still happens to be one of the most-watched shows on TV. At least on Sunday nights.

If you are looking for a blast from the past you may want to tune into regular network television. You are bound to find a lot of old-time favorites still on the air.

The CW Needs More Love

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If you are a fan of the superhero shows on the CW like Batwoman or Supergirl it may not be a bad idea to start watching them on network television to give the channel a little more love so that it can find the money to keep producing these shows.

While ratings are not as important as they were even ten years ago. Since shows can make money for their studios in a variety of ways it never hurts to bring in more viewers. The CW was very much in the lower part of the rankings. Even as it aired two of its flagship shows!

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