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Kaley Cuoco Mourns Loss of Beloved Dwarf Pony

@kaleycuoco / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Kaley Cuoco surrounds her life with the love of animals as she and husband Karl Cook care for a literal menagerie of creatures, however it doesn't always have a happy ending and the star is getting real about the most recent loss she suffered.

The former "Big Bang Theory" star took to Instagram on Monday to break the bad news of the loss of their rescued dwarf pony, Fiona.

"After a very short time together, our precious dwarf pony rescue Fiona , passed away last night," Cuoco revealed.

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Severe Issues

Cuoco explained that Fiona came to her and Karl in "terrible shape," and that "we were thrilled we got any time with her at all."

She went on to explain about the severe issues Fiona was faced with when she was brought to Cuoco as a rescue:

"Let me make this very clear.. there is a reason she was a rescue. We take on many of these dwarf ponies and it looks so cute and exciting that everyone wants one. It’s not. They have severe medical issues and most have been completely mistreated and not taken care of. Fiona was a prime example: she came to us malnourished, horrible feet, rotting teeth , she needed help to stand every morning and that’s just the beginning."

Stop Breeding

"The Big Bang Theory" star was adamant that dwarf ponies should not be bred, pointing out a vast history of medical issues the animals are faced with upon birth.

"These animals should not live this way and should not be bred this way. It’s WRONG. We did all we could but her small body could not survive. She no longer has to live in pain and she passed away covered in blankets surrounded with love. "

Cuoco also shared Fiona's final photos, which she called a "school portrait," and were taken just days before the pony died.

Other Rescued Ponies

Fiona wasn't the only rescued dwarf pony to be part of Cuoco's family, as the star plays host to tons of animals. One of the other dwarf ponies is named Shmooshy, which joined the fam a few years back.

"Hi! my name is Shmooshy! I'm a dwarf mini who's been rescued and living @mylittlepeepers foundation 🎀 a few days ago this crazy girl @normancook walked in with my same hairstyle, and we became instant soul mates . She adopted me and now Iam heading to LA to start my new life! Wahooo!!!!! Oh they call me Shmoosh cause my nose is all shmooshed," Cuoco wrote on the dwarf pony's Instagram page.

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