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NeNe Leakes on Watch What Happens Live

NeNe Leakes Is Ready To Welcome This OG Cast Member Back To The 'RHOA'

Gettyimages | Bravo
By Kay Lewis

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes always has one foot out the door yet, she felt she was the perfect person to talk about who should and shouldn’t come back to the show. Now, NeNe is letting fans know that the show she keeps walking away form and coming back to needs a shakeup. She would love to see controversial cast member Kim Zolciak-Biermann come back. Not only should she come back she should automatically be a full-time housewife as if fans don’t have any other way of keeping up with the “Don’t Be Tardy” star.

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NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann on Watch WHat Happens Live
Gettyimages | Bravo

Fans have been wondering why in the world she, of all people would want Kim back on the show, again. Kim returned briefly back in season 10 and we can only assume she made a few appearances because she needed the views to pour over into her spinoff. Unfortunately, for Kim the return was a complete joke. Instead of making herself look good, she gained more haters and rightfully so. If you don’t recall, Kim said and did a few horrible things upon her return. Some of it even included her daughter.

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In fact, the mom of six even had Andy Cohen cringing during the reunion where he had the awful job of calling out Kim and her daughter Brielle Biermann for being low key racist. Andy told Kim that she brought “nothing positive” to the season and fans later heard Kim backstage saying, “racism isn’t all that real.” As she treats her assistant Sweetie like hot garbage. While most of the women ended up ditching Kim as a friend, she and NeNe the two most toxic people on the show at the time admitted that they are maintaining a friendship.


During an interview with “Daily Dish”, NeNe admitted that she would be okay with Kim coming back to the show. However, she doesn’t believe that the other women would receive her well. “Kim is an OG, and I think these girls really, really have an issue with OGs,” said NeNe. “She’s gonna get a little bit more respect from people than they might get, and I think they have an issue with that.” Not that it is well deserved or anything like that. Being an OG doesn’t automatically mean respect. There have been some horrible OG’s who don’t deserve to even have gotten the opportunity to make a living off a reality show. NeNe is one of those people which is probably why she can confidently make the statements she is making.

Brielle Biermann and Kim Zolciak-Biermann at an event for Bravo Con
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It’s kind of interesting that NeNe is going so hard for Kim seeing as a lot of the drama on season 10 involved Kim and Brielle trashing NeNe and the supposed cockroaches in her house. Does anyone remember the infamous video that Brielle supposedly posted on social media live from NeNe’s bathroom at her housewarming party? The drama got out of control to the point where NeNe was threatening to tell the world who Brielle’s real father is and a weird underage, sex scandal that Kim was allegedly involved in back before she even knew who a Big Papa was.

NeNe Leakes appearing on a talk show
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Still, The boutique owner feels like Kim can hold her own ad really doesn’t seem to have any more issues with Kim. “You know Kim, you know she’s not backing down. So, she’s gonna be arguing with everybody. Everybody. Including me.” Unfortunately, for Kim, these women don’t put up with a lot of garbage. Kim my be able to hold her own but the likes of Eva Marcille, Marlo Hampton, Porsha Williams, Kandi Burress, and especially Kenya Moore would read her to absolute filth. On second thought, bring her back so we can see that Mr. Cohen.

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