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Ben Affleck's Proactive Support For Charities Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Gettyimages | Paras Griffin
By Zachary Holt

Countless celebrities have been using their platforms and influence to encourage people to donate to charities that benefit those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. One of those celebrities is the award-winning actor, Ben Affleck. Since the COVID-19 outbreak began to wreak havoc throughout the world, the actor has been widely outspoken about the importance of relief funding for non-profits in the battle to keep people alive and safe. Affleck has even made massive donations himself. So what are the organizations he's been championing and what do they do?

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Affleck Shows Support for 'The Midnight Misson' Charity, Meals For the Homeless

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

On March 25, Affleck announced on social media that he had donated to 'The Midnight Mission' and asked his fans to do the same if they were able to. "The @midnightmission’s meal service lines tripled this past weekend," he wrote on his Twitter account this past Wednesday. "If you are able to, please join me in donating.” The donation link is in his Instagram bio too."

The Midnight Mission provides meals to the homeless throughout Los Angeles. The organization has been active in explaining to people how the pandemic is affecting those on the streets without meals to eat. Their website currently features items on their wish list.

The Midnight Mission Explains How the Pandemic is Affecting Homeless People


In explaining how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the homeless population in Los Angeles, The Midnight Mission shared that 90 percent of the locations where they could charge their phones or access wi-fi were effectively cut off, meaning they would be out of the loop on important information.

"When ‘Safer at Home’ was ordered, it took away 90% of the places where they could charge their phones, access Wi-Fi, or participate in community events that kept them connected and informed. Groups who used to serve in the streets stopped and many service providers have reduced or stopped their outreach and other services. The Midnight Mission Staff and Program Participants created this banner to connect with and inform our neighbors of the precautions they must take to stay well," their statement read.

Robin Hood and Tipping Point Are Raising Money For Displaced Service Industry Workers

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Affleck has also been actively working with Robin Hood and Tipping point. Both are anti-poverty organizations that raise donations to pay hourly workers who have lost their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic. The actor retweeted writer Yashar Ali's post explaining he had begun a GoFundMe to provide donations to these two non-profits so that hotel, bar, and restaurant workers could maintain some form of income.

"Some news: I'm happy to announce that my friends at @RobinHoodNYC & @tippingpoint have agreed to partner with me to distribute $$ to provide direct cash grants to hourly workers (including tipped workers) in need. Your donations are tax-deductible," Ali wrote on Twitter.

Affleck Asks People to Help Him in Donating to Feeding America

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On March 14, Affleck pinned a tweet for Feeding America, which is an organization that provides meals to local food banks around the country. The tweet explains that a donation of one dollar can provide 10 total meals within food banks.

"During this time, I’m thinking about our most vulnerable – children losing access to meals they rely on, friends and family who are facing job disruptions, the elderly, and low-income families," Affleck wrote in support of Feeding America. "Join me in supporting @FeedingAmerica."

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