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Packers' Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Details Narrow Escape From Peru Amid Pandemic

Gettyimages | Dylan Buell
By Zachary Holt

Up until recent developments in the coronavirus pandemic, many NFL players had been enjoying their offseason, with many taking trips around the world, including the Green Bay Packers' quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

The signal-caller had traveled down to Cusco, Peru to spend some time with a handful of friends. However, word began to get out about just how rapidly the COVID-19 virus was spreading.

In an effort to contain its transmission, airports were shutting down, leaving people potentially stranded. That almost happened to Rodgers who was able to narrowly escape from Peru and return to safety in the United States.

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Rodgers Likens Rush to Get on a Plane in Peru to the Ben Affleck Film 'Argo'

Gettyimages | Dylan Buell

On Friday, March 27, Rodgers appeared on the 'Pat McAfee Show' where he explained to the host just how much of a close call it was to being stranded in South America. And according to the soon-to-be-Hall of Famer, the events that transpired were like something out of a movie.

Rodgers told McAfee that the rush to get on a flight and leave the country quickly felt like a scene from the film 'Argo'. "Nobody was chasing us, thankfully, or holding us," he said, referencing the Ben Affleck-directed production from 2012.

'There Were Some Moments Where We Worried We Were Not Going to Get Out'

Gettyimages | Harry How

"We didn’t have to speak Farsi to get back into the country, but there were some moments where we worried we were not going to get out," Rodgers continued during the radio show appearance.

The NFL star went on to explain that it was 'absolute pandemonium at the airport' as people from all around rushed to get on their flights and leave the country. "When we rolled up to the airport at, like, 7 in the morning, it was wall-to-wall people and you couldn’t move," Rodgers recalled.

The Packers' Quarterback Made It on a Flight with 15 Minutes to Spare

Gettyimages | Quinn Harris

"I was thinking, ‘This isn’t very safe.’ Not many masks on, and there was definitely a panic in the air," the quarterback said. "But somehow [we] made it through, and then they shut the airport down because it was really bad weather. They had a drop-dead time where they were going to shut the entire airport down — we made it by about 15 minutes."

Fortunately, Rodgers was able to make it back to the United States amid the worldwide panic resulting from the coronavirus. Shortly after the quarterback's return to the country, the United States government began to ban incoming flights from other countries in the world, making Rodgers incoming flight all the much more dramatic.

No Decisions Have Been Made on 2020 NFL Football Season at this Time

Gettyimages | Frederick Breedon

While no preliminary decisions have been made about the upcoming NFL season, there is still a possibility it could be canceled or at least, postponed. However, the league is continuing with the 'business as usual' mantra, given that the football season is five months away.

The 2020 NFL Draft is set to be underway next month. The league will be taking some precautions with that, though. Usually, fans are allowed to attend the event, but will be unable to do so this year for completely understandable reasons. It's unclear at the moment whether players will be attending the event, themselves.

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