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Miranda Lambert Reveals How She's Coping with Anxiety Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Zachary Holt

Like many people, Miranda Lambert is struggling to find ways to deal with the complete lifestyle changes that she's been forced to adopt as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Consistently being confined to the inside of a home and the massive amount of uncertainty can be problematic for someone, especially with pre-existing anxiety and mental health issues. According to Lambert, this is why she hasn't been able to address any of her fans on social media up until this point. It took her time to gather the countless fleeting thoughts and put them to paper, or in this case, social media.

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Lambert Had Been Hesitant to Post on Social Media Amid the Pandemic

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On March 27, Lambert finally broke her silence on social media and explained what she and her husband had been doing while on lockdown to pass the time and manage her associated anxiety. The 'All Kinds of Kind' singer explained that she's been tending to her farm, hosting virtual happy hours with her friends, and getting back to writing songs while she has downtime.

"I haven’t really known what to say on social media during all this," she began on Instagram this past Friday. "I’m not great at socials anyway and a time like this makes it that much more difficult for me to figure out how to be. Tuesday of this week is when I finally realized I could unpack."

The Country Star Has Found Peace in a Wide Open Schedule Void of Shows

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Many musicians have canceled their shows and concerts, at least for the near future, as the world is unsure of when we expect it to be safe again. Lambert had previously announced that she was canceling her 'Wildcard' tour, which was expected to make it's rounds throughout the country. Now, she's able to find peace in an empty schedule, although the singer and songwriter acknowledges that her anxiety is still sky-high.

"For the next few months for me there are no shows, no sound checks, no bus calls, no flights. Just home. Once I processed it, I actually got a feeling of peace even though , like all of us, my anxiety about the sate of the world right now is still through the roof," Lambert continued.

'I've Started Working on Some Projects Around the Farm That I Kept Running From...'

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The country star went on to reveal that she's been working on her farm, something she had previously been putting off because of her disdain for 'organization'. "I've started working on some projects around the farm that I kept running from from because I had to leave for work and some I’ve wanted to run from because organization is not my fav [sic]," Lambert explained in her post.

But not everything she's doing involves confronting uncomfortable activities. She's maintained that 'virtual happy hours' have been in place, allowing the star to enjoy company while isolated. "I’ve been having some pretty cool virtual happy hours with friends and family," Lambert continued.

Lambert Is Thankful For Being Able to Stay Connected with Friends and Family

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Lambert has also been doing some activities with her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, including working out and relaxing with their animals.

"Brendan and I have been cooking, cleaning, working out (some virtual classes but not enough @willowpilatesstudio 😬) spending time with dogs and horses and just being together quietly," she said. Lambert wasn't all negative, though. She was happy to be safe and blessed that she was still able to connect with friends and family. To conclude her post, she thanked all the healthcare workers on the front lines, writing, "Sending light to all the first responders and health care workers. Stay home. Call home," she concluded in her Instagram post.

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