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This Is How Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Make It Work, Especially In Isolation

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By Rima Pundir

Even before Coronavirus swooped in like a villain and forced everyone to stay put at home, because without a vaccine only self-isolation can keep you safe, Perry had a thing or two to say about relationships. Despite the slightly turbulent Perry-Bloom romance that went out only to flare far brighter, the duo is heading towards nuptials and a baby, except for the pandemic that is in the way of their best-laid plans. That apart, how do they make their relationship work?

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Perry Says Its All About Space

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Perry dished out some relationship advice during an American Idol episode, where two contestants were in a relationship. According to Heavy, Perry said, "One thing that’s going very well in my current relationship – yes, I did secure the ring - one thing I have noticed that is really helpful is giving each other a little space." So being like two peas in a pod does not work for Perry and Bloom at least, who are in love, but like their personal space as well.

The Timeline Of Their Romance

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The Perry-Bloom romance is like the script of a sappy, romantic movie. They met at In-N-Out Burgers at an after-party and hit it off instantly. While they kept it under wraps for a while, they made an announcement about their newfound relationship. Then, the flame seemed to die out, as the duo decided to take a break from each other. But soon, it seemed they could not stay away from each other and the relationship was back on track, with Bloom going on bended knee.

With A Baby On The Way, They Are Closer Than Ever

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Perry and Bloom got engaged on Valentine's Day, 2019, and this March, they broke the news of them being pregnant. Perry showed off her baby bump in her new song, and said she was overwhelmed by the love she received from her fans. After the reveal, she tweeted, "love you guys so much. was a bit nervous about sharing something so personal like the song n the bump n I [have] never gotten this much love n support, it’s overwhelmingly lovely. thank u."

Katy Perry Is Enjoying Her Pregnancy

Gettyimages | Cameron Spencer

With the nuptials having been pushed back again, this time due to the pandemic, Perry is now sitting back and taking it easy. Sources said she had wanted to walk down the aisle with her bump in place, but now with the world coming to a standstill, she is refusing to think about it anymore and just being happy with her baby, and Bloom. It's a happy time for Perry and Bloom, and marriage is nothing more than a mere formality for people in love.

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