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Jon Bon Jovi and Prince Harry photographed candidly

Jon Bon Jovi Tells All About Collaborating With Prince Harry On Invictus Games Song

Gettyimages | HANNAH MCKAY
By Chris Barilla

Rock star Jon Bon Jovi has recently lent his musical talents to a project that is far-removed from his normal discography, assisting Prince Harry in creating the new official Invictus Games song. Upon announcing the joint effort, fans were thrilled at the idea, but how exactly did it come to be?

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the 58 year old musician explained how the once too far-fetched to believe collaborative effort came to fruition, and how he stepped up to the plate to create a memorable track in commemoration of the Prince's games' events.

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Jon Bon Jovi photographed candidly
Gettyimages | Kevin C. Cox

The 'Runaway' singer explained how he reworked his single 'Unbroken' for the Invictus Games, now featuring the games' choir on the track as well.

"I was called upon to write that song for a documentary in America, it came out late last year, called 'To Be of Service,'" Bon Jovi said to the publication.

"And though I had never served, it was going to be a daunting task. I was the narrator, talking about soldiers with PTSD and service dogs. Difficult song to write," he went on to explain.


"But even as I was writing it for this documentary, I thought on a parallel course about the Invictus Games and the British soldiers. So I sent it to Prince Harry knowing that they had this choir, and after months of getting up and through the changing hymn, he loved the idea," the musician continued to say.

Directly after these events transpired, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their royal departure, which, according to Bon Jovi, left him confused if their project would ever come to fruition.

Jon Bon Jovi poses for photographers
Gettyimages | Gary Miller

However, it appears that the former royal didn't forget about their collaborative effort, as Bon Jovi continued to say, "But I got a call two days later saying, 'Oh, no, no, no, not only is it not falling apart but it's the first thing on his docket when he comes back. We're doing this."

Bon Jovi then detailed how quickly events transpired after getting that message, including an impromptu trip to the famed Abbey Road studios in London to complete the project.

Jon Bon Jovi performs live
Gettyimages | Guy Prives

"So I went to England before COVID took over. We went to the famed Abbey Road Studios and with the Invictus choir re-recorded the band's song and released it today with them, for them, as a battle cry for all those men and women who have served," the singer said.

When asked about his opinion on the former duke and dutchess' departure from the Royal family, Bon Jovi commented, "It's not for me to give advice to a man like that. They’ve got it figured out. It was a real pleasure to work with him and to get to know him a little bit."

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