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Cynthia Bailey looks amazing in her braids and free-size outfit at an event.

What 'RHOA' Star Cynthia Bailey Thinks Of The Feud Between Nene Leaks & Kenya Moore

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Many people in the world has experienced what Cynthia Bailey is going through right now. When two of your friends are at odds with each other and there is no way you would choose one above the other, it can become confusing. On one hand, you do not want to lose your relationship with either of them and on the other hand, you want the feud to stop.

If you take sides with one friend, that could mean the end of your friendship with the other and that is just hurtful.

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Cynthia Bailey looks mind-blowing in this black shimmery dress with a supporting waist belt at a Rolling Stone event.
Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil

Over the years, on RHOA, Bailey has worked on her relationship with Nene Leaks and the duo are now amazing friends. She also took a step further by rekindling her amazing friendship with Kenya Moore and they are good. Now, Leakes and Moore are in a feud and Bailey is conflicted because both women are very important to her.

What would you do if you were in Bailey’s place And had no other option? Let’s find out what Bailey has to say about her present situation.

Cynthia Bailey looks gallant and amazing in this black outfit with a black fur hanging over her shoulder.
Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil

Anyone who knows Bailey well, knows that she does her best to avoid any form of confrontation or controversy. Usually, she would shy away from situations like this, but now, she did not even have to lift a finger to be in the middle of a mess she never even created.

However, like most people would do when they are in a conflicted position, Bailey finally picked a side and that might just be the end of her friendship with one of the parties.

Cynthia Bailey dazzles in this fitted dress as she poses for the camera with her hands in her waist.
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Leakes and Moore’s feud practically began after they booked a flight to Greece for the sole purpose of relaxing and having an amazing time. Not that they achieved that in the end.

Unfortunately, the vacation happened a day after Moore revealed that she was splitting from her husband, Marc Daly.

While in Greece, Bailey wanted to show moral support to Moore and asked Leakes if she could help. Despite the fact that Moore and Leakes has issues in the past, the latter still agreed to cheer her up and help her have a great time.

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However, Moore was not having it as she kept snubbing Leakes and things escalated from there. Leakes wanted Bailey to acknowledge that she did try to put Moore in a good place and cheer her up, but she constantly ignored her.

Bailey spoke up in Leakes defense saying that she did try to be amazing to Moore, but the latter did not appreciate the effort.

“Come on Kenya, can you just let Nene be nice to you.” She said.

There is no telling when Moore and Leakes will become friends again, but hopefully, Bailey would work something out.

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