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4 Awesome Things That Happened This Week to Make You Smile During Coronapocalypse

Gettyimages | Handout
By Robin Zabiegalski

During the coronavirus pandemic, also known as the coronapocalyspe, it's sometimes hard to remember that there are still good things happening in the world.

Every day we're surrounded by headlines about how many more people are sick and how many more people have died. We're overwhelmed with guidelines about social distancing. We're lonely without our families and friends. The world seems pretty bleak.

But every day people are doing awesome things for each other, spreading love instead of fear. Each week, we'll be highlighting four awesome things that happened to remind you that the world is still a good place.

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The Coronavirus Relief Package Was Signed Into Law

Ambulance in front of the Capitol Building
Gettyimages | Drew Angerer

On Friday, after a heated week of negotiations and several hold-ups, the coronavirus relief package bill was signed into law by President Trump. The Senate passed the bill unanimously on Wednesday, the House passed it on Friday, and shortly afterward, the President signed it into law.

The relief package includes financial aid for workers and businesses including direct checks of $1,200 for each adult, expanded unemployment benefits so more people will be covered, a $600 minimum for weekly unemployment checks, loans for small businesses to cover paid leave, and money for big business.

Washington Nursing Home Residents Sent Messages to Their Families

Resident of the View Ridge Care Center shares photo message with her family
View Ridge Care Center | Facebook

Residents of the View Ridge Care Center in Everett, Washington spread love and happiness this week by sending photo messages to their family and friends. Like many nursing home residents throughout the country, residents of the View Ridge Care Center haven't been able to visit with their relatives for quite some time.

So, they decided to write notes to their family and friends and post them on the facility's Facebook page. The post featured more than 10 photos of residents' personal notes to family and loved ones.

A Couple Got Married on the Sidewalk While Their Friend Officiated From the Window

Reilly Jennings and Amanda Wheeler's wedding in NYC
Reilly Jennings | Instagram

One New York couple refused to let the coronavirus pandemic get in the way of their wedding. Instead of postponing the wedding they'd been planning, they decided to improvise.

Reilly Jennings and Amanda Wheeler decided that they would tie the knot on the sidewalk outside their friend's apartment building while friends and family watched from a safe distance. Their friend officiated by shouting from his third-story window.

They shouted their "I dos" and sealed the deal with a kiss as family, friends, and passersby cheered.

Couple Donates Their Unused Wedding Flowers to Local Nursing Home

Resident and Staff of The Legacy at Forest Ridge holding donated flowers
The Legacy at Forest Ridge | Facebook

While some couples are improvising their weddings to work in the age of coronavirus, others are postponing so they can still have the wedding of their dreams. One such couple, Kristall Goytia and Jason Oswald from Texas decided at the last minute to put off their wedding until the pandemic is over.

Their decision was so last minute that all the floral arrangements were already complete. Since they wouldn't be using the flowers, the couple decided to donate them to a local nursing home. The couple dropped the flowers off outside the nursing home to comply with CDC guidelines. The facility posted pictures of the residents with the flowers on their Facebook page.

So, remember, even though things look bleak, awesome things are still happening. Check back next week for four more awesome highlights.

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