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Chris Hemsworth

Three Movies Chris Hemsworth Was in Before Thor

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By Ivy Pope

Chris Hemsworth has an estimated net worth of $150 million has starred in many blockbuster movies, and is considered an A-list movie star! He had to start out, like most people in the industry, as someone who was relatively unknown, though. Let's move on and find out where the thirty-six year old Australian actor started.

Hemsworth comes from a family of actors, and that family is made up of:

Mother: Leonie Hemsworth Father: Craig Hemsworth Brother: Luke Hemsworth Brother: Liam Hemsworth Spouse Elsa Pataky Niece via Luke: Holly Hemsworth Niece via Luke: Ella Hemsworth Neice via Luke: Harper Rose Hemsworth Daughter: Sasha Hemsworth Son: Tristan Hemsworth Daughter: India Rose Hemsworth


Mama Hemsworth is known for The Hollowman, while Daddy Hemsworth is known for being a social worker. Luke Hemsworth is known for work on Westworld (2016), Thor: The Dark World (2013) and Thor: Ragnarok (2017). Liam Hemsworth is known for work on The Elephant Princess and Neighbours, and he appeared as Gale in The Hunger Games (2012-2015).

According to Chris Hemsworth's IMDb page, he transitioned from television to film roles as time passed, but officially started getting credited roles in 2002. In 2011, he auditioned at the same time as his brother Liam, for the role of Thor, God of Thunder.

Chris Hemsworth
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He had three movie roles before he was The God of Thunder, and became synonmyous with the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thor.

He had a stint on Home and Away, which is an Australian TV show. He was also in Star Trek which did okay in the box office. The IMDb description of the film is: "Description George Kirk was a Human Starfleet officer in the early 23rd century. His father was Tiberius Kirk. George was the husband of Winona Kirk and the father of James T. Kirk and George Samuel Kirk. He had four grandchildren: three from his son George Jr., and one from his son James.." This movie was a 2009 reboot of Star Trek. Hemsworth played the role of George Kirk, son of Captain James T. Kirk.

Chris Hemsworth
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Hemsworth also had a role in A Perfect Getaway, which followed some tourists who were in Hawaii and were being stalked and murdered.

The IMDb description reads: "Two pairs of lovers on a Hawaiian vacation discover that psychopaths are stalking and murdering tourists on the islands."

The film was directed by David Twohy, and written by him. Hemsworth was the star, along with Steve Zahn, Timothy Olyphant, Milla Jovovich (from Resident Evil) and Kiele Sanchez (from Lost). The movie was made with only a $14 million budget, and earned just under $23 million globally in sales. The film had mixed reviews, Rotten Tomatoes called it "smarter than average slasher film", and then claimed it became predictable.

Chris Hemsworth
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Hemsworth also held a role in the film: Ca$h. After all, A Perfect Getaway did not meet the same level of success as Star Trek did, but that did not stop Hemsworth from getting pulled into role after role. In Ca$h Hemsworth was a mechanic, who happened upon a mysterious briefcase, that had a lot of money. His character, Sam Phelan spent the money, and then found himself owing it back to the people that had lost it and he had to commit crimes to repay it.

According to IMDb the movie's description reads as: "A man meets up with two "good guys" to recover what is unlawfully his, taking them on his whirlwind ride, doing things they never would have imagined, just to survive."

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