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Robert Downey Jr

Will Robert Downey Jr Cameo in Spider-Man 3?

Gettyimages | Han Myung-Gu
By Tia Kitchens

It seems we are going to see our favorite Iron Man coming back to the big screen. Well in a cameo that is. We knew he was coming back for a cameo in Black Widow but now there is more.

It should be happening with the new Spider Man-3 movie that is in the making. Or will be in the making once all of this COVID-19 stuff settles back down and filming can take place again. But until then we have to wonder how will he come back?

Robert Downey Jr
Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Robert Downey Jr kicked off our love for Iron Man back in 2008 when he was the star of the film. We really are glad we have gotten to spend ten years with him as our favorite star. However we all thought it came to an end when Endgame came about as the character Tony Stark died to save his friends.

It was stunning and a perfect ending. Just, we really don't want to see him go for good! We want to see the Iron Man we know and love again.


What we do know is that Marvel finally came to a deal with Downey after a lot of time. We know Dolittle didn't do well in the box office which Downey was hoping would do better. So he lowered his price.

Which all works out for us fans as we get to see him on Disney+ now. He will be giving us his voice for Ironheart and we get to see a new side of him. It will be interesting to see it.

Robert Downey Jr
Gettyimages | Gareth Cattermole

We all know that Downey and Holland are really good friends too. We know Tom Holland's character Spiderman looks up to Iron Man and has for a while. Tony Stark took on a mentor/fatherly role on the young Peter Parker and we loved seeing the relationship on screen.

We can hope they bring Iron Man back but how? Well, he is dead in the timeline so it would have to be a flashback, a voice, or maybe a hologram like Howard Stark was a few times.

Robert Downey Jr
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Aside from all of that there are also rumors that two big name actors will also be joining the cast of Spider-man 3. Those that could be joining would be joining as the big villain of the movie.

Jason Momoa or Henry Cavill could be playing it. However, both actors have busy schedules after all. Momoa is in with the DCEU anyway which makes things a little complicated. Nothing says he can't but it is unlikely he will enter the MCU. Cavill is going to be filming season 2 of The Witcher which is a huge hit.

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