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Bella Thorne poses for a photo

Bella Thorne Keeps Instagram Happy In Spandex Sports Bra & Tiny Gym Shorts: 'Day 19'

Bella Thorne/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Traffic on Bella Thorne's Instagram was high today – the 22-year-old actress, singer, author, and director took to the platform for another of her legendary selfies, although understandably, the "Midnight Sun" star wasn't out at a rave.

Bella is currently social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, having recently made headlines for voicing concern over her mother who has Chrohn's Disease – COVID-19 is killing those with pre-existing health conditions with prominence.

Bella's Sunday selfie was upbeat, though. The redhead was in workout mode, her killer body was on show, and Instagram was down for it.

Missed The Correct Spelling For Quarantine (No-One Cares)

Bella Thorne poses in a sports bra and shorts
Bella Thorne/Instagram

Bella's post delivered two photos. Both saw the actress in what was likely a throwback – Bella was spotted in the same tiny outfit back on February 17, although the star didn't confirm either way.

Bella was rocking blue-dyed hair as she posed showing off her rock-hard abs and killer cleavage in a stark-white sports bra in spandex, also rocking a tiny and very tight pair of gym shorts.

A caption offered more, although "The Masked Singer" face did narrowly miss the correct spelling of quarantine.

"Should I host a live work out class or something? Gonna post a clip today of some unreleased music 😍 quarentined day 19," Bella wrote.

Half A Million Likes In One Hour

Bella Thorne takes a selfie
Bella Thorne/Instagram

Clearly, Instagram was throwing Bella the thumbs-up. Her post clocked a sweet 506,000 likes in one hour, also bringing in a giant wave of comments.

"I mean. Yes. I will eat oreos and watch. 🙌" was one reply.

"Dang girl! Host a live workout. Do it for sure! And release that track. 🔥🔥," another user wrote.

The quarantine vibe was strong all-round as fans briefly related what they're going through.

"Yes pleaseeee i need it i’ve been eating anything i can find 🤣" a reply read.

'Really Worried' For Unwell Mom Amid COVID-19

Bella Thorne takes a selfie
Bella Thorne/Instagram

Bella spoke with Extra earlier this month, revealing that her immediate concern regarding the virus was her mother Tamara Thorne.

"I'm really worried, personally, with my mom, because she has Chron's Disease," she said, then adding that her mom doesn't "have the best immune system."

"So I am definitely worried for the state that we're in and how long it will last and how many people are suffering from it," Thorne added regarding the situation overall – and things are, indeed, grim. Yesterday saw the U.S. death toll double in one day to 2,000.

Boyfriend Stuck In Italy, No Idea When They'll Next See Each Other

Bella Thorne poses with Benjamin Mascolo
Bella Thorne/Instagram

Bella's boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo is stuck Italy. Once the world's worst-struck country, the European nation's coronavirus situation has now been overtaken by the U.S.

A recent social media post from Bella shared images of the couple, with Bella writing:

"till no idea when we can see each other again celebrating our one year over face time ♥️Wishing I was back in this moment with my Italian rockstar 😍."

Bella even admitted that she and her 26-year-old boyfriend speak about coronavirus "all the time."

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