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'The Bachelor's' Hannah Ann Sluss Uses Instagram to Spread Positive Messages During Coronavirus

Gettyimages | Jason Kempin
By Allie Elaine

With all of the craziness and chaos going on with the coronavirus pandemic, "Bachelor" contestant Hannah Ann Sluss is using her platform in an attempt to spread positivity and inspiration during this tumultuous time. She has seemingly been sharing a variety of messages meant to uplift her followers as she counts down the days of quarantine. She titled her first message of the series "Be Your Own Rock" and wrote, "Be Your Own Rock- Most of us don’t realize how strong we are until we have to be. In my situation, I couldn’t share my pain with very many people, so I had to dig deep to find and become my own emotional rock."

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"I remembered Ranger Rick (My dad) always telling me to 'know who you are, know what you are doing, and know where you are going'," she continued. "With these three things planted in your mind, you will be able find the strength to handle any adversity. We all have that rock, and it will support us!!! 💪🏼 #day1."

For her "Day 2" post, Sluss shared an image of her hiking in LA and wrote about the importance of having goals.

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"Goals Get You Going - Whenever I’m feeling discouraged, I immediately set goals for myself," she explained. "One of my personal goals was to move to LA. I’ve lived in Miami and NYC, but LA was always on my list. So I pushed myself to focus on this move versus the pain I was feeling. Focusing on your goals will occupy your mind and bring you one step closer to being the best version of you! 😊 #day2"

While some appear to find the posts corny, other seem to enjoy them.

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One user wrote Sluss saying, "Hannah Ann inspiring females everywhere to BE THEIR OWN ROCK, be independent, pick your own damn self up when you fall because you are stronger then anyone can ever imagine. Continue to be humble and true to yourself through it all 💕" while another commented, "Sometimes Hannah Ann, to get me through the tough times, you can be my rock while thinking about how strong you are, and I try to act more like you!"

Gettyimages | OGUT/Star Max

In her most recent post for "Day 8" Sluss took a moment to share her best tips for being "fabulous", writing, "Today, I’m sharing my last 3 points of 'Finasco to Fabulous'!! #day8 Friendships Form Family- everyone needs a village of friends and family to rally around them. I’m so grateful for my people, the ones who loved me hard throughout this last year.. y’all kept me sane! 🤣 #day9 Hobbies Foster Happiness- whenever I get overwhelmed, I love to take it back to the basics. #day10 Unplug and Unwind - Unplugging from my phone and from social media gives me the space to check in with my mind, body and spirit."

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