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Farrah Abraham poses for a photo.

Farrah Abraham Continues to Frustrate Followers with Lack of Coronavirus Concern

Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer
By Allie Elaine

Former "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham has been garnering a lot of negative attention after making comments about "loving Coronavirus season" and appearing to drag her daughter Sophia all around town despite concerns and calls for social distancing. Recently, Abraham shared a photo taken by the paparazzi of her and her daughter riding around Hollywood on scooters. In the photo Abraham and her child can both be seen wearing masks and gloves, which are both in short supply for hospital workers in doctors.

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Gettyimages | Theo Wargo

Abraham captioned the post with, "Still the coolest celeb mom even during #covid_19 #latex #facemask"

The mother and former reality star immediately received backlash from followers and fans, with one writing, "Doesn’t this seem slightly irresponsible? Even with gloves why would you touch a scooter right now? Are you being endorsed by them? This is bad form."

Another social media user wrote, "Gloves don’t work if you touch everything wearing the same gloves it doesn’t work that out. You have to change them every time you touch something else."

Gettyimages | Johnny Nunez

One follower called upon Abraham to consider donating her masks and gloves, writing, "Please consider donating your N95 masks to your local hospital. They are desperate for PPE equipment."

Despite the mass amount of criticism, Abraham appears to still be posting frivolous TicToks poking fun at the virus and those concerned about it. One user wrote, "An hour before this, she posted a live where a nail tech cut the fingers out of her gloves so she could get a manicure. Funny the article doesn’t mention that."

Gettyimages | Mark Sagliocco

Users also took to criticizing Abrahams parenting, with one follower commenting, "Such a cool 'celeb mom'. Unfortunately LA is one of the epicenters of the virus and right now parents aren’t allowed in the hospital with sick children. She should probably think about that before she decides to do a self-paid ‘paparazzi’ shot. Smh."

After coming under major fire for saying that she "loves Coronavirus season", Abraham took a moment to explain what she meant and clear any perceptions of bad-intent.

Gettyimages | Theo Wargo

"A lot of moms who are like stay at home moms or just travel with their kids, we're used to self-quarantine ourselves," she said. "I'm not used to wearing gloves and masks, and running out of Clorox and toilet paper and all that...But I'm definitely used to being at home and being around my daughter 24/7... a lot of people have had a hard time juggling school and everything at home and working from home."

She also added that her outlook on the crisis is, "always positive! Everyone can do this!"

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