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Tia Mowry Gets Emotional Over Self-Isolation from Sister Tamera

Gettyimages | Vincent Sandoval
By Allie Elaine

Earlier this week Tia Mowry became emotional over not being able to see her sister Tamera Mowry during the coronavirus quarantine. While sitting down for an interview with "Entertainment Tonight", Tia broke down in tears as she described the stress and struggle of being away from her family. "Of course I get to see my family, my husband, and my children,” she explained, wiping away a few tears. “But not being able to see my dad, my brothers and my sister has been pretty hard because we’re all very close."

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"It’s crazy how we’re getting excited about the simple things, like, ‘Look what I made for dinner,’” she continued. “I’m constantly checking up on [my brother’s] well being, like, ‘How are you doing emotionally?’ Especially with my dad and my mom because they’re older."

Tia also shared that her and her family are still keeping up with one another and talking nearly everyday. She also explained that while she misses those in-person moments, she knows that for the time being, this is for the best.

Gettyimages | Jason Merritt/TERM

"It’s just so important to just stay inside,” she emphasized. “It’s safer at home and staying at home saves lives, but I’m able to talk to my mom and my dad on FaceTime. We talk almost everyday, my sister as well. We’ve been texting each other. She’s doing well with her kids but I believe that’s been the hardest, not being able to see your loved ones. But we’re gonna get through this."

Tia has also been sharing some sweet moments of her and her children's quality time on Instagram.

Gettyimages | Tim Roney

Earlier today the actress shared a photo of her and her babies, writing, "Wanted to take a picture of myself and the kids to let you guys know how we are handling things these days and well, #cairo wasn’t having it. ! I’m telling you guys, I don’t teach her to do these things. This girl has been here before. She does love us. I swear. ✌🏽#cairo is #mood #unbothered"

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Tia also recently shared a beautiful photo of herself sporting a makeup-free look during her self-isolation. She wrote, "I have to say, been reading a lot about our #world and what’s been going on. It all feels like a #dream. However, I wake up and realize it’s not. This is our reality right now. My #anxiety started to kick in and I had to remember to focus on all the things that I can control and not the things I can’t. I also did a relaxation #meditation and just #prayed and somehow I felt better. #Love you guys! Very much. #Stay safe and #healthy."

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