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'Bachelor in Paradise': Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour Have Learned a Lot During Quarantine

Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff
By Francesca O'Hern

With all the events, famous friends, and social media followers, Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin's lives look super glamorous. That's not always the case, though: Especially now that society has all but shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, the two are getting to know each other very well while quarantining together. The couple, who became engaged on Bachelor in Paradise, spoke with Us Weekly about how they've been spending their days in self-isolation and how it's impacted their relationship.

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Barbour and Godwin Do Not Normally Live Together

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Although the two have been engaged since last summer, they have not lived together until now, when they've been keeping each other company during COVID-19 quarantine. In fact, the two technically have a long-distance relationship, with Barbour's residence in San Diego, and Godwin making her life in LA. The two do plan to get married, so that will likely change for good at some point, but for now, they are having a test run of sorts while staying indoors and away from public gatherings.

They've Learned a Lot Already

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As anyone who has had room mates or moved in with a significant other, living with someone new always comes with a few surprises. Even though the nature of them might be pretty mundane, they can influence your dynamic and create conflict if you let them. "I’ve learned that Dylan has zero fear when it comes to expiration dates on food," Godwin revealed. Barbour learned that Godwin loves banana pancakes, and has begun making them on a regular basis for her-- how sweet!

How Have They Been Passing the Time?

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Barbour and Godwin have been spending their time cooking together and watching TV, like many of us. Barbour told Us Weekly that the couple has been trying lots of new recipes, and are on their way to gaining the "quaran-fifteen". The pair have also been binging on the wild and explosive Netflix docuseries The Tiger King, becoming part of that zeitgeist. They have been testing out how married life would be like, and are also considering getting a puppy together.

Their Relationship is Stronger than Ever

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Many couples use living together to see what it would be like to be married in the future. So it makes sense that they might be nervous about the move. However, Barbour and Godwin seem to be enjoying their time together. "Luckily, we’re both easygoing so being trapped together in sweats all day with my BFF isn’t a bad day," gushed Godwin. Barbour then confirmed, "It makes us want to live together and puppy fever is through the roof." Looks like the couple will be taking the next step in their relationship soon.

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