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Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth Before Thor

Gettyimages | Ryan Pierse
By Tia Kitchens

We know him. We love him. He's Thor. Just what else has he done? He's an A-list actor with nearly 90 million in networth. We can thank the MCU for that one there. Just what else has Chris Hemsworth been in before he was our favorite god of thunder?

There are three big parts he was actually a part of before he started his acting career with MCU. And if you want to be really shocked just know he didn't start really acting till 2002.

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Chris Hemsworth
Gettyimages | James D. Morgan

It may not come as a shock but Chris comes from a family of actors. They are all pretty popular and looking at Liam we can understand why. So while he started getting credited acting roles in 2002 we want to know what he did before he became a household name.

A fun bit of trivia though for Chris. He tanked his audition for Loki (yeah can you imagine) hard. Thankfully he landed Thor. While his co-star Tom Hiddleston auditioned for Thor we are glad he ended up as Loki.

Chris Hemsworth
Gettyimages | Oleg Nikishin

Well, let's start with one of the big movies that Chris was in that you might have forgotten about. We know we forgot he was in it at first but then once we remembered it hit us like a truck.

Star Trek was the movie that he was a part of. J.J. Abrams wanted him to play Lieutenant Commander George Kirk, the son of Captain James T. Kirk. Which is something that we really did love seeing. He was with stars like Chris Pine (Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Spock), and Eric Bana (Nero).


When you think of Hemsworth you don't think thriller movies huh? Well, he has been in them! He played in A Perfect Getaway which is a thriller movie considering tourists go to Hawaii and are being stalked and murdered.

The movie was written and directed by David Twohy. Hemsworth stared right alongside Steve Zahn, Timothy Olyphant, Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil), and Kiele Sanchez (Lost) who all played big parts in the film. The movie made over $23 million in the box office but had mixed reviews.

Chris Hemsworth
Gettyimages | Jun Sato

Ca$h is the next film that he landed in. It wasn't as big of a hit as the others but it did show how diverse the actor is. In this film, he found a briefcase full of money and soon learned that he had to commit crimes to pay it all back. Which isn't a place any of us would want to be in.

He played alongside Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) and Victoria Profeta (Crazy B****es) but the movie would flop in the box office.

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