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Jinger Duggar with Felicity and Jeremy Vuolo

Is Jinger Duggar Becoming More Liberal?

By danyellmarshall

Jinger Duggar is a heavy user of social media. She shares many details about herself, her family and her daily life allowing fans to get to know her as she grows as a person. Although Jinger grew up in a highly conservative environment fans have noticed some trends that suggest Jinger may be slowly adopting more progressive and liberal views. While Jinger hasn't made any overtly political statements in any interviews or on social media the speculation keeps growing among fans.

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The Rebellious Duggar

Jinger Duggar and her sisters

Jinger has long had a reputation for being the most rebellious of her sisters. Jinger has been known to wear pants and even shorts that show her knees. She was the first Duggar sister to ditch the long denim skirts they were known for. She also listens to mainstream music. Jinger once shared a Spotify playlist with her Instagram followers. Jinger has been known to watch both TV and movies with her little girl Felicity. All of these things are wild for a Duggar.

Move To L.A.

Jinger Duggar in pants

One of the wildest things Jinger Duggar has ever done was to move far away from her big family and their compound. Shortly after she married Jeremy Vuolo Jinger moved to his hometown of Laredo, Texas. That move established Jinger as one of the most rebellious Duggar children. Duggar and Vuolo took things a step further when they packed up and moved to Los Angeles. Many of Jinger's fans speculate that the move to L.A. may be loosening her up.

The Instagram Survey

Jinger Duggar and Felicity

Jinger is a very active user of social media. She's been trying to cultivate a career as an influencer for quite some time. It was on the popular social media platform that Jinger shocked her fans with a scandalous confession. She filled out a popular survey that included a question about the respondent's favorite TV show. Jinger answered hers is Madame Secretary. Fans were shocked by her answer as the show is highly political and has a definite liberal slant.

Conservative Attitudes

Jinger Duggar cooking

It's impossible to deny that Jinger Duggar grew up in an extremely conservative home. Her parents belong to a strict fundamentalist sect that forbids them to dance, listen to mainstream music, or watch television and movies. There were rules governing every aspect of Jinger's life growing up including how she could wear her hair and what styles of clothing she could wear. Duggar girls were barred from wearing pants or swimsuits. Her parents also hold conservative political views about human rights.

Fans Think She's Loosening Up

Jinger Duggar eating New York style pizza

Many of Jinger's fans think the reality star has been loosening up since she moved to Los Angeles. Many have speculated that Jinger's own views may be branching out from the narrow world view she grew up with. Could Jinger be the first Duggar child to openly support liberal politics soon? There's no sign yet as to which way Jinger may have moved on the political spectrum but fans love to wonder about the reality star and her young family.

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