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Rebecca Sugar

'Steven Universe' is Over, Here's How Fans of All Ages Reacted

Gettyimages | Astrid Stawiarz
By Tia Kitchens

March 27, 2020, is the ending of an era for many people. It sounds a little strange to put that on that date and we know that. But it is true. That date is the end of the one show that touched the hearts of millions of people world wide. That show is Steven Universe.

In the middle of a pandemic when we are all stuck at home thanks to COVID-19 we got this. It will leave it's mark more than Keeping Up With the Kardashians or Love Is Blind and we are thankful for that.

Rebecca Sugar
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Steven Universe stated back in 2013 with a young Steven and the Gems just starting out on their journey. Who would have thought it would have grown to be the stunning show it is today.

Everything about the show from the colors, the music, the way different things are portrayed will stick with fans. Fans new and old will get to grow up right alongside Steven and the Gems. That is something we all came to love and came to love the lessons in the show.

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The creator, Rebecca Sugar, wanted this to be a show that showed representation for marginalized groups and how mental health is important. There are several points in the show that hit on anxiety, identity confusion, sexuality, depression, and grief. Sugar doesn't well sugarcoat things really.

Sugar wanted to hit on everything that made the show what it was. She wanted to speak to kids mostly. To help them know that the struggles they are going through are real and valid. By giving them a show that shows it they can relate. Something we wishe we had as kids.

Cast of Steven Universe
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A fan that is in middle school named Lola stated, “I love how Steven acts toward people. He’s always a peacekeeper, and you can tell how much he loves the Gems and they love him back. I also loved how real gems and their meanings were used. The fusions were awesome!”

She wasn't the only one who loved that. But there is one lesson that really stuck out. Use your words.

“Yeah, and Steven did the same thing all the time. He’s not a fighter. He likes to talk things out, even when there’s trouble. He did it with Spinel, his enemies, and all of his friends,” a young man named Jaden said.

Cast of Steven Universe
Gettyimages | Bryan Bedder

It isn't just the children that are going to miss the show. Even adults are seeing the lessons there. They are seeing the lessons that need to be there. There are struggles inside of us all and we all have to come to terms what we are. Many of us have ended up in the role of being the one to give comfort and not getting it. We have to learn to accept the help just like Steven.

Peridot said, “Where am I going to find another Steven as good as you, huh? I like this one so much.” But like Steven told her, “We all should be the Stevens we want to see in the world.”

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