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Scheana Shay at an event

'Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay Calls This Co-Star's Style 'Grandma Chic'

Gettyimages | John Sciulli
By Ona L

The women of “Vanderpump Rules” are back to doing what they do best, talking smack. Fans get to see the likes of Scheana Shay, Stassi Schroeder, Lala Kent, Katie Maloney, and Kristen Doute duke it out on a weekly basis. These women don’t necessarily like one another, but they definitely put up with each other for the sake of the show and getting that coin. Now that the cast is in quarantine and filming most likely won’t start when it should have, they have to do something to stay in the spotlight.

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Scheana Shay at an event for People's Choice Awards
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Scheana appeared on Hannah Berner’s podcast, “Berning in Hell” this month where she got real about her relationship (or lack thereof) with Stassi. While the “Good as Gold” singer admits that she looks up to Stassi in some respects she also admits that they don’t necessarily have a friendship. She describes what they are as “frenemies”. She even went on to admit that Stassi can be a bully (like we all don’t see that weekly). “I like to get under her skin because she just is mean!”

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One of the things that really annoys Scheana about her co-star is when she talks crap about the singer’s style. “We all have such different styles and what Stassi or Katie [Maloney] usually wear, I would never wear!” said Scheana. “But I’m not gonna hate on it that’s just their personal style.” She didn’t backdown getting in her own jab describing the “Next Level Basic” author’s style as “Grandma chic”. Weirdly enough, Scheana states that she is “still” invited to Stassi’s upcoming Nuptials.


“I am invited as of now, that could always change. It’s also supposed to be in Italy so that could always change… I think we’re more frenemies. We’re not best friends. She’s not someone I call for advice.” Scheana also pointed out, “I wouldn’t be invited to her wedding if we weren’t friends”. Scheana, surprisingly, isn’t delusional and knows quite well where she stands with the group of women she is on “Vanderpump Rules” with admitting that she is very different from Stassi and even Lala.

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“Stassi and Lala are very similar and now that they’re friends, they’re kinds on that same train together [and] it’s not one that I will ever fit into,” said Scheana. We have noticed that Scheana is not heavily featured on this season of “Vanderpump Rules” and we can only assume that this is because she isn’t really friends with a lot of the cast and truthfully, she has never been. Since season one Scheana was treated like the unwanted stepchild and now, we are wondering how she even stayed on camera as a main cast member all these years.

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