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Justin Bieber at an event

Justin Bieber: His Decision To Quarantine In Canada Explained

Gettyimages | LISA O'CONNOR
By Maurice Cassidy

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are quarantining in Canada during the coronavirus outbreak, where they have been for almost two weeks, while the disease continues to spread at a rapid rate in Los Angeles.

Fans who watched his YouTube documentary “Seasons” will be aware that Justin was diagnosed with Lyme disease last year, which is why he had been feeling so poorly before he was finally diagnosed.

So, taking into consideration that Justin is dealing with health issues that could potentially come in contact with the coronavirus, Hollywood Life reports that the 26-year-old and his wife were smart to ditch California before the outbreak worsened.

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Canada Was Justin's Safest Option

Justin Bieber at an event
Gettyimages | Jayne Kamin-Oncea

The married couple is staying at a property in the Canadian countryside while Los Angeles was recently named as a “hot-spot” state, having one of the highest coronavirus infection rates in the US.

Needless to say, they have completely isolated themselves from friends and family.

Because of Justin’s Lyme disease, it was a safer move for him and his wife to escape LA as fast as they could, with Dr. Tania Dempsey, founder of Armonk Integrative Medicine, saying that “people that have had a chronic infection or who have underlying autoimmune diseases and other consequences and other conditions as a result of Lyme or co-infection are probably at increased risk.”

Justin Was Recently Diagnosed With Lyme Disease

Justin Bieber out in New York
Gettyimages | gotpap/Bauer-Griffin

Tania goes on to stress how important it is for those who are battling underlying health issues such as Lyme disease because the weekend immune system could potentially lead to critical health problems.

Still, she notes that people need to protect themselves regardless, adding that nobody is exempt from catching the coronavirus - and not everyone will recover.

“The issue is that nobody has any immunity against this new bug. No one in the United States. No one in the world has immunity unless they have had this. And so I always make an assumption whatever the underlying issues are or not, that everyone needs to protect themselves the best they can.”

Justin And Hailey Are Isolating Together

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin in New York
Gettyimages | Jackson Lee

Meanwhile, since relocating to Canada for the time being, Justin and Hailey have kept each other entertained with plenty of movie nights and live sessions with fans and friends on Instagram Live while urging people to stay indoors.

On March 19, Justin gave a heartfelt prayer to his fans on Instagram Live in a big to spread some positivity and hope during such a devastating global health crisis.

"I was going to say a quick prayer, and if you guys agree with me, cool. If you don't, it's also cool, you don't have to believe anything I believe, we have far more in common than we don’t,” Justin quipped.

His Changes Tour Is Still Happening

Justin Bieber performing on tour
Gettyimages | Jeff Kravitz

"We're all people who are in this together and we're all just trying to figure this whole thing out.

"I'm going to say a prayer for the world, and, again, this doesn't make me any better because I'm praying, I just think prayer makes people come together."

While his Changes tour is still expected to commence in May, it’s rumored that Justin’s team could very well pull the plug if the country remains on lockdown, evidently making it impossible for people to attend the concert.

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