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Ellen Degeneres on the red carpet

Is Ellen Degeneres The Meanest Person In Hollywood?

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By danyellmarshall

Ellen Degeneres has a reputation for being upbeat, positive and advocating for her fans to practice kindness wherever they go. She's also known for creating amazing experiences ad uplifting comments on her talk show. Many of her fans may be surprised to know that Ellen has a notorious mean streak that many Hollywood personalities know about. Many have been insulted and uncomfortable after appearing on her show. Others have spoken out about off-screen encounters with the talk show host that left them speechless.

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Comedian Call Out

Ellen Degeneres and wife POrtia Derossi
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Comedian and co-host of the podcast Good Christian Fun Kevin T. Porter took to Twitter to call Ellen out on her bad behavior. Far from being just about taking a celebrity down a few pegs, the comedian used the opportunity for good. He asked his followers for stories about Ellen being mean and promised to make a donation to a local food bank for each credible story he received. The response was overwhelming and he ended up making a $600 donation.

Hygene Standards

Ellen Degeneres in a plaid blazer
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With so many reports on Ellen's mean behavior being made, it was easy to see some patterns begin to emerge. One of the many themes that kept coming up was shame. Ellen likes to shame others for not meeting her personal standards. In one instance she complained to restaurant management about her servers manicure. Her nail polish was chipped and Ellen found this unacceptable. She also keeps a bowl of gum outside of her office. Anyone who enters is required to take a piece.

Staffers Speak Out

Ellen Degeneres in a white blazer
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Many of Ellen's alleged former staffers took this opportunity to speak out against their mean ex-boss. According to the reports made on Twitter if Ellen didn't like the writing, she was given for her monologue she would not only refuse to read it but would throw her script on the ground. Several people echoed that Ellen refuses to acknowledge or speak to anyone she doesn't personally know who works on the show. She seems to be especially rude to the studio staff.

Audience Humiliation

Ellen Degeneres on stage in a black outfit
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On the theme of shame, Ellen isn't afraid to make her audience as uncomfortable as possible. On one episode of her show, Ellen set out various pieces of gift shop swag for viewers to take home. They were given explicit instructions not to take more than their share. One woman decided to grab a few cheap goodies for her family back home. Little did she know she was on a hidden camera. Ellen called her out and humiliated her on national television.

Alientating Her Guests

Ellen Kissing an award
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Typically a talk show host wants to make their guests feel as comfortable as possible. On the Ellen show, there have been numerous attempts to use awkward conversations to boot ratings. When Lady Gaga appeared on the show Ellen called her out for being a bad friend. After the two had met at an event they made vague plans to hang out but Ellen claims Gaga never called her back. She calls the "Poker Face" singer out for it in an uncomfortable confrontation.

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