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Ellen DeGeneres poses for a photo.

Social Media Blows Up with Stories About Ellen DeGeneres' 'Meanness'

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By Allie Elaine

While Ellen DeGeneres is publicly known as one of the most generous and kindest celebrities in Hollywood, several social media users have come out with stories about the not-so-nice talkshow host, revealing her supposed true nature. In a video recently posted on Twitter, DeGeneres can be seen sharing some kind words for her staff on "The Ellen Show". While sharing the video she also wrote, "This was my show staff’s planned spring break week. I’ve asked them all to continue to stay home, and disconnect for a week. I wish I hadn’t. I miss them. But I’ll be posting lots more next week when they’re back. Until then, enjoy today’s Safer-at-Home Spring Break 2020. Day 1"

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The video came just a few days after one of her ex-employees on the show described the comedian as "one of the meanest people alive". He then encouraged fellow users to share their "insane stories" of her, pledging to donate $2 for each story to the LA Food Bank. The stories immediately began flooding. Detox from "Drag Race" wrote, "An old friend worked on her lot and smiled & said ‘good afternoon’ to her one day and she became unhinged. ‘Who do you think you are? You don’t look at me’ yada yada. She said Portia was with her and seemed embarrassed and tried to calm her down. Has forever changed my opinion of her."

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A writer for TV named Benjamin Siemon stated, "She has a ‘sensitive nose’ so everyone must chew gum from a bowl outside her office before talking to her and if she thinks you smell that day you have to go home and shower. A new staff member was told, ‘Every day she picks someone different to really hate. It’s not your fault, just suck it up for the day and she’ll be mean to someone else the next day.’ They didn’t believe it but it ended up being entirely true."

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Author Allison Freer claimed, "Was working on a show at Warner Bros that was next to her stage. Was our showrunner’s 50th birthday. Caterer grilling steaks outside for special fancy lunch. Ellen sent someone over to demand they stop, as she doesn’t eat meat. She’s the worst."

In addition to fellow industry professional, several others took to the social media platform to express their distasteful stories of DeGeneres. One user wrote, "My sister worked for the Ellen Show for two years. This is from her: “I saw Ellen in the hallways every day and would say hello and she never once said hello back. She wouldn’t smile. She wouldn’t even acknowledge me at all. For two seasons."

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"My brother was a runner on her show for a year. All the staff treated him like trash, with Ellen being the worst. She would demand things, and then refuse to make eye contact or even say thank you. She was earning millions and he was earning below minimum wage," explained another.

Perhaps one of the worst of all came from this user, who wrote, "My dad use to work in 5 star restaurants as a waiter. He said she made a joke but my dad didn’t find it funny. He told me she went kinda like 'you didn’t think that was funny? You don’t know who I am? How do you not? I’m Ellen degeneres everyone knows who I am.'"

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