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Joe Exotic posing with a tiger

These Facts Prove That the Story Behind 'Tiger King' Keeps Getting More Wild

joe_exotic | Instagram
By A. Elise

It's hard to escape Tiger King right now. The Netflix documentary series could not have been released at a better time. With everybody social distancing at home, they've had ample time to watch the series. Many have also have had a lot of time to research the story for themselves.

Joe Exotic's tale is one that most would not believe if there was not video footage to prove it's all true. Not convinced the story could get more wild? These facts might change your mind.

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Joe Exotic and husband riding an elephant in the water
joe_exotic | Instagram

First, you probably want to know about Joe Exotic's music. In fact, Joe is not the only person performing the songs. They are actually written and performed by music artists Vince Johnson and Danny Clinton. Joe sings very quietly over some of the tracks and is featured in the music videos. Apparently, Joe would ask the musicians to do some research and write songs that he could closely relate to.

The results? Pure magic that many viewers have not been able to look away from.

Joe Exotic posing with tiger
joe_exotic | Instagram

Many people have had questions about the man who was going to put Joe Exotic on the map with a reality television show. Rick Kirkham was featured on the documentary series as somebody who witnessed firsthand how much Joe could play for the cameras. Things changed when the studio housing the filmed footage was set on fire and Joe accused Rick of being the perpetrator.

Apparently, Rick's own home in Texas caught fire six months after the incident with the studio.

Joe Exotic sitting on throne next to tiger
joe_exotic | Instagram

Even celebrities are getting in on the action. People like Cardi B and Kim Kardashian have discussed the show on Twitter. In fact, Big Cat Rescue even invited Kim Kardashian to come check out the facilities for herself.

Big Cat Rescue has experienced an onslaught of mixed comments since celebrities have been talking about their own theories. While a lot of comments remain highly supportive of the work the organization does, others are less than positive regarding the owner, Carole Baskin.

Joe Exotic with two tigers
joe_exotic | Instagram

If Joe seems super familiar but you can't quite place him, it could also be that you've already seen him in a documentary. In fact, Joe appeared in a BBC documentary with Louis Theroux called America's Most Dangerous Pets released in 2011.

Clearly, Joe Exotic has a penchant for the cameras, and it seems that he would still be trying to steal the spotlight if he was not currently behind bars. With Cardi B talking about setting up a fundraiser for him, could things change?

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