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Amy Duggar

Amy Duggar Silenced

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By danyellmarshall

Amy Duggar is one of the most controversial members of the massive TV family. Unlike the rest of the Duggars, Amy creates a stir not because she's so different from mainstream America but because she's so relatable. Amy is an outspoken, outgoing and bright woman. Amy Duggar recently agreed to an interview on the YouTube channel Without A Crystal Ball in which she would discuss her famous relatives as well as her own life. The interview was taken down and Amy was silenced.

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YouTube Interview

Amy Duggar on the red carpet with her husband
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Amy chose to speak out about her life and experiences on the YouTube channel Without A Crystal Ball. The channel has covered the Duggar family extensively so the interview made perfect sense. The interview was largely non-controversial and spoke of the Duggars positively. Amy used this time to discuss how she became her own person even in an oppressive environment. Despite the interview being mostly positive or neutral and centered on Amy someone in the Duggar family didn't want it to air.

Threats Of A Lawsuit

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
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Shortly after the interview debuted it was abruptly removed. The channel owner received an urgent message from Amy that someone in the Duggar family did not want Amy to speak out. Amy was threatened with a lawsuit. While it was not explicitly said who had threatened to sue but it was very strongly implied that the Duggar family patriarch Jim Bob was behind the censure. The channel's creator used the words "uncle" and "niece" while discussing the situation to make her point.

Interview Removed To Silence Amy

The Duggar family in front of their Arkansas home
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Many fans had been looking forward to this interview and were shocked when it was immediately taken down. Amy is such a charismatic person who has been minimized during the course of the family's reality TV run. The interviewer spoke out about her disappointment in Amy being silenced. She shared that she found the Duggar cousin to be inspiring, strong and charming and her story was compelling. She also shared her frustration that Amy's family would work so hard to silence her.

Amy's Expiriences

Amy Duggar being interviewed
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The interview contained some eye-opening information about the Duggar's controversial cousin. She shared how hard it was for her to grow up feeling so different from the rest of her family. Amy felt judged for so much. She was the child of a single mother. Amy also listened to mainstream music, wore jeans and attended public high school. Amy also spoke out about the experiences that influenced who she became as an adult. Having her personal voice silenced is unfortunate.

Double Standards

Derick Dillard and JIll Duggar
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Many fans have wondered why Amy has been so effectively silenced while Derick Dillard has been allowed to freely speak his mind. Derick has been openly critical of Duggar family patriarch Jim Bob and discussed details of who negotiates the payments for the TLC reality show. Since both Derick Dillard and Amy have appeared on the family's various reality tv series it's safe to assume that they have each signed the same legal agreements. The double standard makes no sense.

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