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Eli Manning Shares His Thoughts On Tom Brady Leaving The Patriots

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By Adreon Patterson

Former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was asked his thoughts on Tom Brady's departure from New England.

Manning recently retired from the game after the 2019 season, with 2 Super Bowl wins and Super Bowl MVP Awards (all with the Giants). One of those wins was against Brady during his tenure with the New England Patriots.

He explained to the New York Post that he was a little stunned about the development.

Tom Brady stunned the sports world by leaving the Patriots and signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on March 20, officially ending a 20-year run with the team that drafted him. His move was met with both praise and criticism from fans and media alike.

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The two-time Super Bowl MVP primarily spoke on how he and his family were adjusting to self-quarantine amid the COVID-19 outbreak, but the conversation quickly turned to his supposed "nemesis." Manning was responsible for upsetting the previously-undefeated Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

"I was surprised, how it all worked out. I just did not imagine him leaving, them letting him go and him going somewhere else, just from my experience," Manning stated. "But for him to have had all the success, do everything he'd done in New England and did it with one organization, I guess you just kind of wonder what was the reasoning?"

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Manning continued, "I don't know if he felt unappreciated, or just wanted to try something different, but was surprised that this went down."

While the 16-year NFL veteran was surprised by the six-time Super Bowl champ leaving New England, he did not believe that this will end the dynasty.

One major reason being that Patriots coach Bill Belichick is still in Foxborough. The longtime coach built this team into a contender with the chance to do so again. His task will be having to find Brady's replacement before the next NFL season.

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"No, I don't necessarily think that. I think they still have a very good team, a great defense, great coaches," Manning said. "Obviously, Tom was a very important part on their success over the years, but I think they have kind of a way and they have a system that [Bill] Belichick has implemented there that I think will continue to find ways to have success, but it will be different."

He added, "If they go out and get a new quarterback, or stay with the guys they have, it might not be as it's been in the past."

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Manning does expect the Patriots to remain competitive despite no longer have a six-time Super Bowl champion as their center.

He even believed that Brady moving to the Buccaneers does not automatically make them a title contender. Having Chris Godwin and Mike Evans catching passes will help Brady, but goes on to say that he is missing a considerable amount of practice time with his new receivers.

Given the uncertainty with the coronavirus pandemic, It may be a while before Brady can practice with his new team.

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"I never believed you can win the Super Bowl in March and April. You kind of start the process," Manning admitted. "It'll be interesting when teams will be able to get back together."

He added, "They are missing the spring and missing time in practice and throwing together until a little bit later in the spring, that's valuable time for a quarterback to kind of get on the same page and learn a new offense and figure that out."

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