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Demi Lovato singing on stage

An Experience Demi Lovato Has Yet To Forget

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Angelic Conoscere

Demi Lovato has been in the entertainment industry for well over a decade now. Her early fans grew up with her while she was a Disney Channel star. Prior to that she even starred in the kid show Barney & Friends alongside another Disney star Selena Gomez. Throughout her career when she was younger it seemed that the actress was living a relatively normal life as a celebrity. It was not until Demi Lovato grew a little older until fans learned of her struggles.

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Demi Lovato speaking on stage
Gettyimages | Rich Fury

It was learned that Lovato was facing substance abuse issues as well as alcohol once news cam out that she had been to rehab a few times. For years she tried to remove those habits out of her life but sometimes becoming sober is not as easy as some may like it to be. Thankfully, after a few rough patches the singer was able to make some drastic changes in her life and is currently living a healthier sober life.

Lovato's Recent Interview

Demi Lovato singing on stage
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Demi Lovato recently did an interview with model Ashley Graham where the two got into a serious conversation regarding a pact that Lovato made when she was a child. The actress was born in New Mexico to a former Dallas Cheerleader mother and her father being a musician and an engineer. Her parents ended up splitting up which caused Demi to move to Dallas, Texas when she was a toddler. By the age of 10 she began showcasing her ability to play instruments.

Her Early Work

Demi Lovato holding a guitar
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Aside from playing the guitar and piano Lovato also learned to dance and act on top of it. Industry executives took a liking into multi-talented young girl, after appearing on Barney & Friends Demi was offered more roles. Although the young actress was being casted for different roles she was uncertain of what her future may look like. She must have been unaware of where her talents were going to take her nor did she knew the troubles that were lurking around the corner.

The Podcast

Model Ashley Graham
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In Graham's podcast titled Pretty Big Deal Lovato spoke about being a child and asking the higher up to allow her to become famous and win Grammys. Not long after she was at a church with her aunt and uncle when a random women had told her aunt that Demi was going to help thousands one day. Lovato started going to auditions, and on a visit home she picked up a business card that said "are you ready" with a bible verse on the other side. Not much long after Lovato had received a phone call stating that she earned the role that really shaped her career; the movie Camp Rock. What a bizarre string of events that took place during Demi's young life. Demi may reflect back to these events to grant her a peace of mind when she is in a low spot.

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