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Joe Exotic holding white tiger

What Are Joe Exotic's Husbands Doing Now?

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By A. Elise

Right now, everybody is talking about Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness, which is available on Netflix. The documentary follows the life of Joe Exotic, an eccentric zookeeper in Wynnewood, Oklahoma with multiple husbands.

The story of Joe Exotic is intense and captivating, and it would certainly be unbelievable without video footage to back everything up. With Joe Exotic serving a prison sentence, many viewers have wondered more about Joe's husbands. How did he meet them, and where are they now?

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Joe Exotic posing with two tigers
joe_exotic | Instagram

You may be surprised to find that Joe Exotic had a husband who did not appear in the documentary. His name was Brian Rhyne, and he was with Joe before the zoo even took off.

Joe and Brian met in the 1980s. Brian worked as a security guard at a Texas bar. He was just 19 when the two began a romance, and they opened the animal park together in 1999. While they never got married in the eyes of the court, they lived life as if they were husbands. In 2001, Brian died of health issues.

Joe Exotic with tiger
joe_exotic | Instagram

Joe met John Finlay when he was also just a teenager. He was working at the zoo, and they married in 2014 as part of a three-way marriage ceremony that included Joe's third husband, Travis Maldonado. They had been together about 10 years at this point. It is questionable if the two were ever legally married.

As viewers see in Tiger King, John claimed that Joe was controlling. John and Joe got into a fight, and John was charged with battery. When John left Joe, he married a woman named Stormey who also worked at the park. They had a child together.

Joe Exotic with tiger
joe_exotic | Instagram

Travis was just 19 when he married Joe in the three-way ceremony that also included John. Travis is featured in the documentary series, but you will not see any interviews with him. In one of the later episodes, it is revealed that Travis died by accidental suicide.

His death is captured just off-screen in an office. He is seen telling another employee that the pistol he was holding could not load a bullet if he removed the magazine. He then shoots himself in a tragic accident.

Joe Exotic with Dillon Passage
joe_exotic | Instagram

About two months after Travis died, Joe married Dillon Passage in a small ceremony. Joe and Dillon apparently met online in 2017. The couple left the zoo after Joe lost possession of it and was told to leave based on alleged criminal conduct.

With Joe in prison, the two seem to still be together, but Dillon keeps his social media free of Joe. He is often picture wearing a ring around his neck.

For now, Joe remains in prison in spite of claims he is innocent.

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