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Ozzy and family

Kelly Osbourne Updates Fans on Ozzy's Health

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
By Tia Kitchens

We will start this off in saying that no, Ozzy Osbourne, doesn't have the COVID-19 virus. Which is a giant sigh of relief for many people. We wouldn't want to see the Prince of Darkness star getting sick. Well more than he already is.

Ozzy isn't in great health after all. He has some issues that have come up from a few things, one of those being surgery. He's been through so much over the years that if he can skip this virus it would be nice.

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Ozzy Osbourne
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His daughter is the one to update us on how he is doing. As he was getting stem cell treatment for his Parkinsons.

"Seeing after one treatment of stem cell what has happened and the progress that he's made is mind-blowing," Kelly informed everyone on Entertainment Tonight. "He wants to get up. He wants to do things. He wants to be part of the world again. He's walking better. He's talking better. His symptoms are lessening. He is building the muscle strength back that he needs after his spine surgery."


The downside to him feeling better is that he can't go outside his house right now. Kelly stated that "We are very grateful to the doctors that are helping him. He's ready to get out of the house and now he can't get out of the house. He keeps saying to me, 'I've been on quarantine for almost two years, and now I'm feeling better and the world is on quarantine.'"

It seems like a cruel twist of fate that the moment the rocker feels better he can't go outside.

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Ozzy is slowly going to drive his family insane since he can't leave his house. But we know it is what is best for them. Right now he's with Sharon while Kelly isn't there. She previously said it has been hard to not be able to see her parents every day like normal. She finally got to see them Thursday which was something she was hoping for.

She even started a hashtag for people who had no one to stay home for. Explaining that it was important to remember others.

Ozzy Osbourne
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

"If you don't have someone to stay home for and you're a fan of my dad, you can stay home for him because you know my father has COPD, Parkinson's and he is really, really high risk. They have told us how serious this is and I'm terrified," Kelly explained. "My mum is high risk, she's a... two-time cancer survivor, chemo, everything. To know that not just one, but two of my parents are high risk, it's serious and I stay home for them... There's so many reasons, just shut up and stay home. How is that so hard? But it is for people."

So if you don't have anyone to stay home for #StayHomeForOzzy then.

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