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Kevin Tells Story of NBA Dreams In Latest 'Confessions of The Hart'

@kevinhart4real | Instagram
By Lacretia Roberts

So many are stuck inside and Kevin Hart has made sure to provide us all with entertainment that is relatable and comical, with his Instagram tv series entitled, 'Confessions From the Hart.'

In the latest episode Kevin talks about his dream of joining the NBA as a kid.

Kevin explains that when he transitioned from middle school to high school, his mom chose to send him to a better school, though it was farther away.

According to Kevin the commute was about 50-55 minutes.

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@kevinhart4real | Instagram

"I had to be in school by 8 so I had to leave out of the house by like 7, or 6:50," Kevin explained.

Kevin states that the one thing he wanted to do in high school was play varsity basketball.

He felt that all he needed was an opportunity, and he would go all the way.

When he expressed his desire to his mother, she was very supportive, telling him that she wanted him to do whatever he believed he could.

@kevinhart4real | Instagram

Kevin reveals that at the time, his school required basketball tryouts to be held at 6:00 A.M.

Living over an hour away, Kevin says he would have to wake up at 4:45 in the morning if he wanted to participate.

Of course upon telling his mother about the time, she immediately rejected the idea, feeling that the public commute wasn't as safe at that time. Kevin's mother did not feel comfortable with the idea at all and ultimately told Kevin, no.


Kevin says he protested, pleading with his mother to understand that in denying him this opportunity, she was hindering his vision of accomplishing his dream.

His mother wouldn't go for it, she told Kevin he would just have to wait until the following year when the school might be likely to host tryouts at a more reasonable time.

His mom felt that with the 6 am tryouts, the school wasn't being considerate to either the students or parents of the students interested.

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

Kevin explains that he understood what his mother felt, but there was no way he wouldn't pursue his dream.

Letting nothing stand in his way, Kevin formulated a plan. On the morning of tryouts he had set back all the clocks in his home exactly 2 hours.

"So when it was really 4:45 AM, all the clocks in my house read 6:45 AM."

Kevin woke his mom and completed his normal morning routine with her. She was tired but simply assumed she had overslept.

Kevin attended the tryouts and made the team successfully. However by the time he made it to class his mom had found him out.

"You know how those school doors have those skinny windows? I was in third period, and I'll never forget my mom's head, poppin in that f*ckin space. Phwap!"

Kevin summarized , that though he was in trouble the entire route home that day, he felt it was ultimately all worth it to have chased his dream.

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