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R. Kelly

R. Kelly Wants To Be Released From Jail Over Coronavirus Concerns

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By Alan Blake

With the U.S. currently holding the highest number of Covid-19 cases, every citizen is social distancing and looking for ways to survive; this includes the infamous Robert Kelly.

R. Kelly's lawyers have recently filed a claim requesting the judge in Chicago to release him on bail following the coronavirus pandemic which has significantly affected the entire world by infecting thousands of people and killing many. The petition was filed with the idea of protecting the former RnB star from contacting the said virus.

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About R. Kelly's Arrest

R. Kelly
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The 53 year-old singer was charged with ten counts of felony criminal sexual assault on the 22nd of February, 2019, but was arrested later on the 11th of July the same year. The arrest followed criminal charges alleging sex trafficking and interference with justice. The latter included allegedly paying witnesses to change their statements in court.

R. Kelly was charged in three states; Minnesota, Illinois, and New York and sentenced to Metropolitan Correctional Center as he awaits his trial on the 13th of October in Chicago.

The Filed Claim States

R. Kelly
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In the motion, Robert Kelly's lawyers pointed out a few factors that make him prone to acquiring the virus. The factors include; poor sanitation in MCC, cell congestion, R. Kelly's age, and finally, his existing health issues.

The claim doesn't mention the specific health issues that R. Kelly is supposedly suffering from, but it defends his age as one that is prone to the virus. People of older age have lower chances of surviving the infection due to lower immunity. Following this fact, the lawyers wrote that the courts always find it necessary to keep a defendant alive, no matter what they did. This will, however, not apply in case the singer gets ill and dies.

More on the Filed Petition

R. Kelly
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The lawyers wrote on a few things they noticed while at the correctional facility. Every defendant has a cellmate, making it impossible to practice social distancing. The facility's visiting room has only one bottle of sanitizer that reads, "Staff Only," which is really mean. He also noted that the bathroom on that floor has no hand wash to enhance hygiene.

These findings are pretty risky during the coronavirus pandemic, where we are encouraged to practice social distancing and hygiene.

What Robert Kelly and His lawyers Suggest

R. Kelly
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The Grammy Award winner and his lawyers request for a release on bail. Following this release, the accused will move in with his 23-year old girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, at a loft in Chicago. He would then remain on home arrest and be given an electric monitor.

This will happen as he awaits his trial in October. The lawyers say that it'll help him stay safe from the virus to be able to face judgment in clean health. Unfortunately, the judge at the New York court also requested that Kelly remains detained awaiting trial. This means that before the Chicago judge approves his bail, Kelly's lawyers will have to convince the New York lawyers to accept as well.

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