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Serena Williams Found A New Hobby Doing Skin Care Routines

By Jimmy Ha

Serena Williams sat down with Shape for an article published on March 23. Williams went on to talk about motherhood and mentioned that when she became a mom she didn’t want to do things for herself. She, like many other mothers, took care of her daughter and didn’t see the importance to set time aside for herself.

“After having a baby, I didn’t want to do anything for myself. I wanted to do it all for my daughter,” she said. “It’s a great attitude, but moms don’t treat themselves the way they deserve. So that’s my thing now.”

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Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil

Williams is considered to be one of the best tennis athletes of all-time worth an estimated $200 million. But, when it comes to treating herself, she doesn’t necessarily break the bank.

She mentioned that skin-care is one way she treats herself. The tennis star said that she likes to treat herself by testing out different skin-care products before going to bed.

“I keep a bunch by my bed, and every night I choose something new: a heated eye mask, a face mask, a chin mask,” Williams told Shape. “Devoting that time to care for my skin makes me feel so good.”

Gettyimages | Hannah Peters

Williams also touched on the fact that although she travels around the world for her career, she is ultimately ‘happiest’ when she is at home. She mentioned that she loves to spend her time off at home in Florida with her family.

“The other day, we pulled into the driveway after another trip, and Olympia [her daughter] looks at the house and goes, ‘Yaaaaay,’” she said with her arms in the air. “It made me happy, but it also broke my heart. I thought, Wait, am I traveling too much?’ I think that’s my happiest place—just being at home. It’s what makes me feel calm and so at peace.”

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

Williams became a parent in 2016 and since then she didn’t want to do anything for herself, but chose to focus all her energy on her now-2-year-old daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.. She also raises Alexis with her husband, Reddit cofounder and entrepreneur, Alexis Ohanian.

On March 24, Williams took to her Instagram and posted a video where she was simply going about her business, sharing another skin-care routine. But, daughter Olympia made a cameo and was busy doing her own makeup routine. “I’m terrified to see what she’s doing.” Williams said.

Gettyimages | Matthias Hangst

Williams showed that she has a full life outside of the arena and talked candidly to her daughter saying, “You look cute! Do you like that?”

She went on, “And now this one is…I gotta clean her face. You’re cute? Yes you are beautiful. Even with all that makeup that you did,” Serena told her daughter, while kissing her cheek.

As many other celebrities and influences are doing their due diligence to promote the stay-at-home cause during the coronavirus pandemic, fans are loving that they can see a softer side from the former No. 1 tennis champ in the world.

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