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Kendall Jenner standing with sister Kim Kardashian

Tension Between Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner?

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By Angelic Conoscere

Kim Kardashian has been apparently been critical of her other sisters work ethic. Prior to the season premier of KUWTK fans were already aware that Kourtney Kardashian has been wanting to draw some lines in regards to what is filmed for the reality show. Kim was not supportive of her older sisters request and felt that she and their other siblings would have to pick up the slack. It caused a major rift among the sisters and it seems that Kendall Jenner is in the mix as well.

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Problems in the Past

The Kardashian sisters smiling
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The reality sisters have been critical and outspoken about Kourtney losing her motivation for the show since 2018. It has been assumed that Kim and Kourtney have been the only two siblings with major problems these past few years and especially recently. Drama has always been one of the reasons viewers have tuned in to the reality show throughout the years. One of the cast members has always experienced some kind of scandal and the fans enjoyed watching it all play out.

Kim Causing Issues?

Model Kendall Jenner
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It seems that in the upcoming episodes of the reality show Kim may be getting into another argument with someone other than Kourtney. In the first episode of the season Kim and Kendall get on the topic of work ethic. They are not complimenting each others achievements, instead they have a heated discussion that leads to an argument. The KKW founder states that she believes that she is the hardest working working sister among them all and this clearly did not sit well with the young super model.

Kendall Argues Back

Kendall Jenner smiling in a fitted trenchcoat
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There was no way that the super model was going to allow her older sister to discredit her work on their reality show. Fans can visible see the work Kendall puts in as they see her on multiple brand campaigns, walking in various fashion shows and being featured in magazines. Kendall rightfully argued against her sister claims. The conversation all began when all sisters minus Kylie Jenner began speaking about how Kylie had missed out on an event due to an illness.

Kylie's Missed Appearance

Sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner
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Most of Kylie's sisters were understanding for her reason of skipping out on her appearance during Paris Fashion week. It would be assumed that they would rather their youngest sister to get rest so she could recover from her infection that was later learned to be strep and a staph infection in her throat. However, Kim states that even if she were deathly ill she would show up for an appearance. The SKIMS found claims that their mother Kris can always rely on her and Khloe for keeping their schedules. Kendall commented me too, but Kim responds that due to Kendall's anxiety things become "hard" for her. The supermodel went off on her older sister stating that she has been sick but still continues to work hard. It is obvious the drama is just beginning among the sisters.

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