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Niall Horan at an event

Niall Horan Reveals What He Considers One Direction’s Worst Song

Gettyimages | Jacopo Raule
By Maurice Cassidy

Despite their worldwide success during their time as a collective group, Niall Horan can admit that he didn’t necessarily like all the songs he recorded with his One Direction band members.

The Irish singing sensation recently sat down for an interview with Official Charts, telling the publication that he’s putting together his upcoming tour but can’t decide which 1D songs he wants to include in his setlist.

One Direction released five studio albums, so surely there should be a lot to choose from, right?

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He's Preparing For His Upcoming Tour

Niall Horan at an event
Gettyimages | Noam Galai

When asked to pick some of his personal favorites, Niall shared: "I was listening to a few recently because I want to put one or two in my live show. I love a song called 'Stockholm Syndrome’.”

"A track called 'Girl Almighty' as well. Basically, the last two albums are f**king brilliant. 'Drag Me Down' is also a great tune. Also 'Walking In The Wind' and 'What A Feeling'."

He was then quizzed to answer what he considered the worst song the boy band put out during their heyday.

He Reveals His Least Favorite One Direction Song

Niall Horan at an event
Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth

"'Na Na Na' from the first album. There’s a few from that first album that are howlers. It still got to Number 1 though!"

The 26-year-old has been busy promoting his second studio album “Heartbreak Weather,” which was released on March 13.

It’s his first solo offering since the release of 2017’s “Flicker,” and while he’s proud of the success that came with his first record, Horan says that his voice has improved in the last three years.

"I definitely feel like my voice has got better,” he quipped.

His Voice Has Matured Since Releasing 'Flicker'

Niall Horan at an event
Gettyimages | Neil Mockford

And while “Flicker” was a commercial success, spawning several hit singles, including “This Town” and “Slow Hands,” Horan doesn’t shy away from the fact that he felt restricted in the process of putting together his first solo project.

Releasing his debut album felt like a lot of pressure for the Irish heartthrob, who acknowledges that he held himself back while penning the majority of the songs featured on his first record.

"What the first album did has blown my mind, but I felt like I was pigeonholing myself into writing a certain type of song.

Niall Says He's Grown As An Artist

Niall Horan at an event
Gettyimages | Kate Green

This time I wanted to focus on writing good songs and dress them up however we felt necessary afterward. "I feel like I know my way around a studio and my way around a pop song, so f**k it, let’s have a good time."

It was just three months ago when Horan’s former band member Harry Styles put out his second studio album “Fine Line” in December, earning him the third-largest sales week of 2019 after shifting an impressive 230,000 units.

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