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Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner

Here is Why Kris Jenner Offered Kim Kardashian $400k to Walk in Her Fashion Show

Gettyimages | Stefanie Keenan
By Clarissa Wilson

When you get desperate, you do desperate things to make everything work out the way it is supposed to. Especially if you find yourself in between a rock and a hard place.

This is what happened to Kris Jenner during the premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She had a fashion show to do, Balmain's Paris Fashion Week ready to wear show. During this show, Kylie Jenner was supposed to walk the end of the show to unveil the Kylie x Balmain collection.

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Kylie Jenner
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Kylie was really excited about walking the show because she said it was going to be big for her makeup business, Kylie Cosmetics. However, she ended up coming down with strep throat and staph infection and had to tell her mom she wouldn't be able to make it.

Kris sent their family doctor to her house and made sure Kylie had the medication she needed to get better. Not only did she want her youngest daughter to get better but she also wanted to make her feel better to hopefully get her to come to Paris to fulfill her work obligation.

Kris Jenner
Gettyimages | Ryan Emberley/amfAR

Although she sent the doctor to Kylie's house with the medication she needed, the youngest Jenner ended up calling her momager and telling her she couldn't make it to the fashion show after all.

Kris started getting on the phone to look for a replacement right away. First, she called her other daughter, supermodel Kendall Jenner and asked her.

Kendall said during their FaceTime call, "Mom, I love you and I’d love to save the day but you know I have work here. I really can’t.”

Kris Jenner
Gettyimages | Lars Niki

But, Kris Jenner doesn't give up that easily. She decided to start bribing and said to Kendall, "I’ll give you a Balmain bag."

However, Kendall still turned her down. So, Kris called Kim Kardashian next and asked her. After all, the momager needed to find a replacement for Kylie fast.

Kardashian said, "My mom is in Paris crying, calling me on the phone going, ‘You need to come to Paris, you need to close the show. Kylie’s sickness has gotten a lot worse so I get why my mom is in panic mode because she’s in Paris trying to figure it all out. If it were me, I’d go on my death bed.”

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner
Gettyimages | Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment

Kris begged Kardashian to fill in for Kylie. However, Kardashian told her that it would be a conflict of interest to walk in the Balmain show for Kylie Cosmetics since she has her own makeup brand, KKW Beauty.

However, Kris still wasn't giving up that easily. She started getting creative with her bribing.

She said to Kim in a text, "Would you consider $300,000 in cash and a jet tonight?”

Kardashian then said to the camera, "God, this feels weird lol. But I’m totally legit.”

Kim Kardashian
Gettyimages | David Livingston

Kardashian turned down the offer because of the conflict of interest with her own brand. So, Jenner upped the ante a little more for her trying to get her to do it.

Kardashian said as she read Jenner's text, "Okay, she’s upped it. 400k now. I won’t take a commission. The jet can leave tonight. You can bring North.”

Although Kardashian felt awful about her mom's situation, she still declined her offer sticking to her decision.

Jenner never did find a replacement for Kylie but the fashion show was still a success. Kylie also got better from her illness.

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