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Halsey In Bikini With Self-Quarantine Update, Is It Over With Evan Peters?

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill
By Jacob Highley

Halsey has recently been super trending on social media... I mean, more than usual, she is a superstar music artist after all.

She posted herself vibing out to Harry Styles while wearing a smoking hot bikini. I'm not melting, you're melting!

Were it not a bittersweet moment considering how she has had to stay home during this time of quarantine, I think the comments would be less touchy and more fire-filled.

Then again, "Tips on getting a stomach like THAT please :) ūüĒ•" - dakotavalerie_ (Commenter)

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Halsey Has Been Making Music Online

computer glowing
Unsplash | Tianyi Ma

This week Halsey released an epic song with Kelsea Ballerini on her social media. Fans absolutely loved it. Followers also commented that they hope to see Halsey start touring again soon.

Due to the Coronavirus, major concerts were postponed and it is unclear whether they will be able to keep their set dates. I'm hoping Halsey can resume tour too, I love her music.

"it’s a great song!! i’ve been bopping to it all morning" Someya (Commenter)

There has also been controversy over her relationship with Evan Peters. It is now assumed she has broken up with him for several reasons.

Halsey Deletes All Pictures Of Evan Peters?

evan peters
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Halsey sells out concerts like it nobody's business. Her music has such a unique style while not becoming alien. Kinda reminds me of Billie Eilish.

It goes without saying that her personal life is constantly a hot topic.

In quite the twist, Halsey recently deleted all of her social media pictures which featured her boyfriend Evan Peters. While no official statement has been released, such move is pretty much a dead giveaway.

This wouldn't be the first time she has broken up with someone either. She has had several relationships which really didn't work out.

Halsey Is A Mega Star

Gettyimages | Mauricio Santana

I have been looking over her social media account and I think I'm a bigger fan than I was before! Her pictures are super cool and her music seems to get better all the time.

Her humor is also majorly attractive since she consistently talks about what she values and shares her innermost thoughts. Sometimes this leaves artists vulnerable, and I hope the feedback she gets doesn't weigh her down. (It isn't always positive, the trolls exist people)

If you are reading this Halsey, we love you and hope you are doing well in these crazy times.

Halsey Releases Support for Bernie Sanders?

Gettyimages | Tommaso Boddi

Most artists don't make political statements, and if they do, it is usually done by simply making the statement in an interview. Most don't go as far as Halsey did when she endorsed Bernie Sanders.

She not only posted support for the Presidential nominee but went as far as making a full-length clip detailing why she backs Bernie.

There is a lot of talks going on about candidates and over the status of the US debates. Her outgoing nature and willingness to state her opinions so openly is one of the reasons why her fans love her!

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