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Mandy Moore Sued By Paparazzi Over Instagram Story

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By Mario Perez

This is starting to become a theme. Mandy Moore is just the latest in a growing list of celebrities that have been sued by photographers due to them using an image of themselves on social media that allegedly a photographer took.

In this particular case, photographer Josiah Kamau is looking for 150 thousand dollars in retribution for what he considers to be an unlicensed use of his work by Mandy Moore. The image shows Mandy in New York as her friend Chase Weideman-Grant opens a car door for her.

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Not Our First Rodeo Here

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As was mentioned before, Mandy just happens to be the latest star to be hit with a lawsuit over a copyright issue on a picture of themselves. This is something that has happened to the likes of Justin Beiber and even LeBron James amongst others.

These cases have been settled with different outcomes. Which makes it a bit harder to predict what the outcome for Mandy is going to be. For the most part, these cases come down to one of two outcomes. Either they are dropped or they are settled for undisclosed amounts.

How This Works


For the most part, what happens in these cases, is that a photographer will take a picture of a person. Then they will register those pictures as their property. They do this so that they can then sell these pictures to tabloid newspapers or other media outlets for money of course.

The problem that celebs are having with this is that these pictures are also mostly being taken without the content of the person in the frame. So, it is really a complicated situation.

Where Are We Headed?

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These legal issues could very well spell the end of the paparazzi business if these photographers are not careful. Especially when it comes to wanting money over a picture that you took without permission in the first place.

What actors or any person can do is to license their own image and likeness. If basically every celebrity would go out and do that then the trouble would be the other way around. The paparazzi would not have the right to sell the pictures that they take of celebrities.

What Has Mandy Been Up To?

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Mandy Moore may not be as big a star as she was back in the late 90's early 200's. That does not mean that she hasn't been active in the past couple of years in films and music. She has famously voiced Rapunzel in the successful Tangled Disney franchise that includes a couple of movies and even a TV series.

As far as her music goes she is actually working on promoting a recent album titled Silver Landings. With which, she hopes to basically re-launch her music career!

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