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Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande & Cast Of 'Victorious' Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary Of Show

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Jacob Highley

Ariana Grande basically got her big break from being part of the cast for the show "Victorious". With its hilarious episodes and clever story, it instantly became one of the most successful Nickelodeon shows of the decade.

Alongside Victoria Justice (the star of the show), Ariana made a name for herself as one of the most popular young actresses at that time. Ironically, she played a dumb character who constantly made mistakes on the show.

This actually worked in her favor big time since people thought she was adorable!

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Victoria Justice Posts About The Show


Victoria Justice also posted a celebratory post over how amazing it was to work alongside such awesome people while the show was still running. (It ended officially in 2012 after four seasons)

The spin-off "Sam & Cat" was introduced and would go on to be another fan favorite in the 'tween' genre.

Although many fans wanted the show to continue, it remains a cherished period of friendship and comedy for everyone. It really was a fun show to watch, the humor was on point too.

Ariana Staying Home To Avoid Coronavirus

woman staying home
Gettyimages | rez-art

Ariana has been posting on her social media telling fans that she really wants to get back to making music and doing fun things again. She posted some exceptional videos, photos, and throwbacks on both Twitter and Instagram.

A lot of people have been actively following and commenting on what she posts. Here are some of the comments that I personally love:

"This sounds so fresh omg I like it!! 🔥🔥🔥" - artbyishazul (Commenter)

"trust me the whole world misses u making things" - ___anys (Commenter)

Ariana's Dogs Take Center Stage

cute dogs
Unsplash | Laura Dewilde

The sheer number of pictures that Ariana has posted of her dogs are surprising. But then, I guess just staying around the house does leave you a bit bored at times huh?

I actually really like her dogs, they remind me of some dogs my cousins had a few years back. I also really like the ones she's posted with the dogs chilling on a sofa.

Turns out, I'm not the only one since many people absolutely can't get enough of these dog pictures!

Ariana's Fans Eagerly Await A Return

Ariana Grande
Gettyimages | ROBYN BECK

Ever since this Coronavirus outbreak, fans have been eagerly waiting for Ariana to start making more music and start touring again. I personally loved her song "No Tears Left To Cry".

I'm actually hoping for several artists to come back and start making music again, but alas I'm here having to wait!

Many people follower how social media closely, wishing she would come back soon!

"*We def miss your magic!*🖤✨" - imngo (Commenter)

"we sure as hell miss it (Ariana's music) toooo" - alfredoflores (Commenter)

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