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Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer On How She Is Avoiding Weight Gain

Gettyimages | Arturo Holmes
By Ivy Pope

HollywoodLife is getting in with the stars. Today's exclusive convo was with HollywoodLife and Ramona Singer. She is quarantined with her ex-husband, Mario and her daughter with Mario, Avery. Ramona is a member of The Real Housewives of New York cast, and she's sixty-three years old. She spoke to HollywoodLife after Mario invited her and Avery to come down to Boca Raton, Florida because New York is getting hit hard with COVID-19 cases.

Ramona has found a groove, and a new routine during self-isolation. She's doing more chores, and finding new clothing options, as well as spending more time with the family.

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HollywoodLife asked: "What are you binge watching?" And Ramona answered: “Me, Avery, and Mario are all watching Game of Thrones because that’s one long show. It’s something we haven’t all really watched that intensely, so therefore we can enjoy it together as a group.”

Then she was asked a question about how she is staying fit while at home. Her reply was about what you would expect of someone with Lyme Disease, as she noted that she has to listen to her body:

Ramona Singer
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“I have to listen to my body, because of my Lyme disease, so what I try to do is go for a walk anywhere from two to four miles a day on the beach. Or, I’ll do a walk for a mile or two on the beach and then I’ll do a walk along the intercostal. I also have the free weights here in Boca. So yeah, I’m still working out, I eat healthy and I haven’t gained any weight.”

Ramona Singer
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Then they asked what she stocked up on, and she replied: “Well, number one, I just had my [Ageless by Ramona products] in a warehouse before, but now I’m on Amazon Prime. Every day, I take a shower, I do my hair, I do my Ageless by Ramona, and I do my makeup. Because you know what? I’m not sitting around in a bathrobe with sh***y hair all day and bad breath. Just because I’m quarantined doesn’t mean I can’t look presentable even for myself, right?”

Ramona Singer
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And of course, HollywoodLife had to ask about her playlist. She's into chilled jazz and top hits, so the top 50 list on Spotify.

It makes sense to listen to chill jazz when you're home 24/7. But at least she has a beach she can walk on, because some people in more cramped cities (such as New York) are struggling to find safe areas to walk, where there are no other people. COVID-19 cases continue to rise, and this quarantine/self-isolation might be going on for a while, so maybe take some tips from Ramona!

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