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'Ozark' Season 3 is All About Family Ties, Says Star Madison Thompson

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By Brian Morales

Season 3 of the Netflix hit Ozark has made its way to the platform once again, and with the new season comes a few additions to the series.

One of the newest additions to the show is Madison Thompson. In an interview with Distractify, Thompson explained how she was a fan before being on the show, and what it was like playing Helen Pierce's daughter, Erin Pierce, on the show. We can already tell Ozark season 3 is going to be an interesting one, let's see what Thompson said.

Mother, and Daughter

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Erin Pierce is the daughter of sly lawyer Helen Pierce on the show, who is played by Janet McTeer. As cold as Helen Pierce is, it seems that her daughter doesn't fall too far from the same tree according to Thompson.

The choice words "her mother's daughter," we used bluntly to describe the character of Erin. The Pierce duo are both "fish out of water" as they make their way to the Ozarks from the far away lands of Chicago.

Erin's Quirks

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"I didn't have a whole lot of information on who [Erin] was, except for the fact that [Helen was her mother," Thompson admitted. There wasn't much detail on the actual character before she hopped into the role.

"[Helen] would be her female influence and so I definitely made sure to make that a main part of the character, that she was going to be very headstrong and opinionated and I think you will see that a lot throughout the season."

Ozark Season 3


So what the deal with Ozark Season 3? Thompson noted that the season is focused on how family ties, and business ties intertwine in a tricky set of characters, and their ties with close relatives.

"There's this kind of lingering question - that the people you surround yourself with might be the biggest threat to your life, and I think that's something they really explore this season...The writers are really able to like create these nuances and go deeper into these plot lines." said Thompson.

Shooting on Location

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Thompson had a few things to say about shooting on location, and the misconceptions that come with it:

"I think something that I don't think people realize is how difficult it is to shoot on location," Thompson said. "There's actually so much that goes into making sure the world of the Ozark seems like the world of the Ozark because really we are not shooting in the Ozarks in Arkansas. We are shooting on lakes in Georgia."

Season 3 of Ozark is available now on Netflix.

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