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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Member Josh Wallwork Will Always Be Missed! Says Cast Crew

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The coronavirus pandemic that hit several parts of the world did not only come unexpectedly, it is also proving to be one of the most difficult viruses to control or prevent. In most countries now, residents have been instructed to remain indoors while doctors and specialists treat people who have been infected with the virus. This has also contributed in bringing down the economic productivity of various countries because workers now have to be confined to their homes. Aside from this, organizations are getting closed down due to the pandemic.

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Another devastating fact about this virus is that it has resulted or contributed to the death of several people in many countries. Presently, China and Italy has the highest number of deaths more than any other country and Italy is nowhere near done helping its citizens.

When the virus became rampant in several countries, it was revealed that it could be fatal in older people and those who have pre-existing health conditions that they are attending to. So, it i s sage to say that in some death cases, the virus only helped to speed the process.

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One of the most painful deaths caused by this pandemic, is the death of Josh Wallwork, a talented and amazing crew member of a popular series. Before his death, Wallwork was one of the loved crew member of “Law & Order: SVU,” and his co-workers were numb struck when they heard what happened with him.

According to reports, Wallwork died of complications from the coronavirus at age 45 and his colleagues were devastated. Find out what some of them had to say about his sudden passing.

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One of the series’ stars known as Mariana Hargitay talked about how much of a happy person Wallwork was in his lifetime. She also mentioned that everyone was heartbroken when they heard the news as he was a kindhearted and lovely person to be around.

Some of his friends and family members shared their thoughts on Instagram, including how much they miss Wallwork and how amazing he was when he was around.

“Learned this morning that my friend and former neighbor died in NYC from COVID-19. He was creative, funny, with a heart of gold.” Said his friend.


Another Instagram user from New York City also related her thoughts on the app and his fans sympathized with him.

“Heart Broken by the news of my friend Josh’s passing. He had COVID 19 and it took him. It’s not fair. It’s so sad.” She said.

A lot of Wallwork’s friends are still in shock as they have no idea how to take the news and where to begin from. Many of them also used the opportunity to remind everyone to remain at home and away from the virus.

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