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Elton John To Headline Concert for America From His Couch!

By Mario Perez

Through this quarantine era, many stars have been looking for ways to connect with fans and to keep them entertained through performances. Most of which are being broadcast to the world through Instagram live. Musicians like John Legend and Cold Play's Chris Martin were some of the first to get in on the fun.

This time around though we are going to be getting a couch concert that is being produced by Fox Networks and IHeart Radio. It certainly promises to be over the top.

What The Concept Is Going To Look Like

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The main idea behind this show is that it is going to be a live streaming show that is going to be shot at the houses of some of the top artists in the world. The show is set to be hosted by Sir Elton John who is seemingly going to be tasked with getting the show started from the musical perspective.

From there the show will jump from one home camera to another as more musicians are getting a chance to perform.

This Generation's Live Aid?

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Certainly, the idea behind this program is to help raise money for 2 charities in particular. These are going to be the Feeding America foundation and the First Responders Children’s Foundation. Ways to donate are going to be shown during the broadcast.

The charity work is pretty much the only thing that the Concert for America and Live Aid are going to have in common. The current circumstances are going to make for a very interesting program without a doubt. We will have to see how it all plays out.

Who is Performing

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The full line up has yet to be announced. It is more than likely that we are going to be getting surprises during the live broadcast. As some artists that we did not expect to perform will be doing so.

So far though, there are a couple of confirmed musicians. Obviously, Elton John is going to host, Mariah Carey will join in from her home studio. Billie Eilish is going to be performing from her parent's couch. The Backstreet Boys are trying to find a way to perform simultaneously from 5 different locations, Tim Macgraw is on board and many more!

When Will It Take Place?

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As of right now, the event is set to take place Sunday at 9 pm eastern time. The show is set to be broadcast on all of the Fox stations. Including the news networks. It is also going to be streaming live on all iHeart Radio stations.

The show is going to be aired without any commercial brakes. When we do have breaks within the show itself information will be given out on how people can donate to the 2 main charities that the program is looking to support.

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