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James Kennedy stuns in a rose gold blazer.

'Vanderpump Rules' Star James Kennedy Looks Back On His Sobriety Struggles After Quitting Drinking

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By Lindsay Cronin

James Kennedy looked back at his many struggles to get sober during this week's Vanderpump Rules: After Show after confirming to Lisa Vanderpump that he had gone to his first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting during Tuesday's episode of season eight.

After looking back on the moment Vanderpump confronted him about the verbally abusive text messages he sent to girlfriend Raquel Leviss during an earlier episode of the show, Kennedy admitted that having to face his takes was hard for him to do.

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James Kennedy Is Working Toward Being A Better Person

James Kennedy appears on stage at BravoCon.
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"I made a lot of mistakes when I was drunk and the things I've said, I can't take back. I can only work forward onto never saying them again and being a better person. I really regret all of those things but honestly, it wasn't me who was talking. It was this persona, this ego, that just blew up after God knows how many cocktails," Kennedy admitted.

According to Kennedy, he had a lot of conversations about things that truly didn't matter.

James Kennedy Struggled To Rationally Deal With Things While Intoxicated

James Kennedy attends an awards show.
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Following the many wild night out he used to have, Kennedy recalls having regrets right away about his behavior.

"When I woke up the next morning, I always used to think, 'Why was I so hurt or bummed out about that?' It was just stupid and could easily be fixed with just a normal conversation the next day. And Raquel always knew that. She would never instigate it or get me riled up even more. So I would defuse but like, geez!" he shared.

James Kennedy Reacts To Lisa Vanderpump's Thoughts On His Sobriety

James Kennedy attends the E! People's Choice Awards.
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After showing Vanderpump his one-day chip on Tuesday's Vanderpump Rules and telling her that his first AA meeting was "a big deal," Vanderpump was extremely proud and Kennedy was happy to provide her with evidence that he was truly changing this time around.

"Once [I got my] first chip, I felt so rewarded leaving the meeting. [And] showing Lisa, I knew that she'd care about it. She really cared about it and that really helps, you know?" Kennedy asked as he looked back on Vanderpump's support.

James Kennedy Takes Pride In His Sobriety

James Kennedy attends BravoCon.
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"It boosted my heart with energy and gave me a sense of... gave me an even greater sense of purpose to complete that day without drinking again," Kennedy continued.

Kennedy's sobriety came on the heels of an ultimatum he was dealt by girlfriend Raquel during an earlier episode of the show. As fans will recall, Raquel told Kennedy last year that if he didn't quit drinking, she would leave him.

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