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Jill Zarin at an event

'RHONY' Jill Zarin Reveals Family Secret About Daughter Ally Shapiro

Gettyimages | Bravo
By Ona L

I always wondered where “Real Housewives of New York”’s Jill Zarin’s daughter Ally Shapiro got her eyes from. She always seemed to stand out from everyone in Jill’s immediate family. Fans would regularly see Jill’s sister, mom and dad on RHONY when they would visit Jill in the Hamptons and sometimes in the city. The show even featured some of Ally’s hardships and successes in life. when she went to a French camp one summer, when she went away to college, some monumental moments if you ask me.

Jill Zarin at SiriusXM
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Fans even saw Ally as she struggled with weight loss and body image issues. Which brings us to our main point. Jill and Ally were recently on Heather McDonalds’s podcast “Juicy Scoop” where they dropped a bombshell worthy of Real Housewife cameras to catch. Ally admitted that she was getting ready to go back to Vanderbilt University for her senior year. She stumbled upon a few emails on her mom’s computer from a family member that blew her mind. This family member was asking Jill some pretty probing questions about her daughter.


“Why is Ally the fattest in the Shapiro family?” and “Why does Ally have blue eyes and no one else does?” were just two of the very offensive questions to ask someone about their child. Family member or not they are dead wrong, and Jill felt the same way. She was obviously furious that her daughter found these messages not only because they were hurtful but also because it forced her to reveal a deep family secret. Obviously Ally insisted on knowing what those emails could be referring to.

Jill Zarin at Bravo Con
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She shared that her mom sat her down and called her father, Jill’s ex-husband Steven Shapiro and they broke the news to her. “[My mom] said, ‘We were never going to tell you like this and we didn’t know when the right time was, but basically, your dad’s your dad, but we had a difficult time having you and we used a sperm donor.” Ally who is now 27 shared that she was beyond shocked. “I never in a million years would have thought that. Like I had no inkling.”

Jill Zarin and Ally Shapiro at an event for NYFW
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Jill stated that she and her husband had planned on telling Ally this shocking news before she went away to school but didn’t want her to be distracted or affected negatively in any way but because of this horrible family member, they were forced to tell her sooner. As for the man that is her biological father, Jill and Ally have been looking on a site that matches donors to the kids they created. They found him! And Jill described him as “more like Ally than I am.”


Ally has admitted that she is in no rush to meet her biological dad. “I didn’t have a say in when I was told and how I was told or who my siblings are now. I feel like I can choose now when I want to meet this guy and what our relationship is and boundaries […]. I think I want to meet him when the timing is right for both of us. I feel like now’s not the right time.” Why Jill chose to make his news public is unknown to me but there has been talk of her making a few appearances on the upcoming season of RHONY. Maybe this will be the topic of conversation.

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