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Vin Diesel Plans on Keeping His Promise to late 'Furious' Co-Star Paul Walker After Next Film

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By Ben Robinson III

One of the most successful franchises of the past twenty years has been the widely popular Fast and Furious movies. The original movie, The Fast and The Furious, starred Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker, who appeared in the first seven films before his untimely passing at age 40 in a car crash. The series has continued on with many spinoffs and sequels, though some think it may be time for the franchise to finally race off into the sunset for good.

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Though there have been other movies that were born from the initial franchise there are still two Fast & Furious films slated for release over the next few years. However, if the reviews for the last movie The Fate of the Furious are any indication of how critics feel about the movies they may want to cut their losses now before spending any money on production. In their review of the movie Indie Wire was very candid about what no longer works about the franchise.

“F8” is the worst of these films since “2 Fast 2 Furious,” and it may be even worse than that. It’s the “Die Another Day” of its franchise — an empty, generic shell of its former self that disrespects its own proud heritage at every turn. How did the great F. Gary Gray, whose surprisingly strong remake of “The Italian Job” displayed a tremendous flair for comedic vehicular mayhem, waste the biggest budget of his career on such boring smash-ups?

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Perhaps one of the reasons the popular franchise continuously releases more movies is out of respect to Walker's memory, who was a huge part of it for many years. In fact, Diesel made a promise to Walker years ago that he plans on keeping upon completion of the tenth film, even though the films have been put on permanent hiatus due to the widespread COVID-19 coronavirus. Still, Diesel plans on honoring the promise he made to Walker even if it means walking away from the franchise for good.

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Showbiz Cheatsheet reports:

There are always going to be naysayers wondering how many Fast films will come out. However, Diesel had a plan in mind and it has everything to do with Walker, whom Diesel referred to as “my brother Pablo.”

The promise comes from a conversation Diesel and Walker had, where Diesel said after ten films he would finally walk away.

“I remember this giant smile on his face like, ‘What?! That’s impossible!’ But later that night we were talking, and I promised him that we would get to that point,” he said. “It may not mean anything to anyone else, but to me on a personal level, that’s the promise that I made to my brother. So I’d like to hopefully, if it’s meant to be, honor that.”

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