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Lori Loughlin Files Motion to Have Case in College Admissions Scandal Dropped

By Zachary Holt

Lori Loughlin is continuing on with her case in the infamous college admission scandal, which is set to go to trial in October. However, the former 'Full House' actress has filed a motion for the case to be dismissed, all together. The reason for this?

Recent evidence surfaced several weeks ago that purported the scam 'ring leader', Rick Singer, was coerced by the FBI and other government officials to lie about the verbiage he used when speaking with Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli. Singer was instructed to testify that he said the couple's payment was a 'bribe' instead of a donation. It's now been determined the latter was the verbiage used in their discussions.

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Loughlin and Giannulli File Motion to Have Case Dropped Due to New Evidence

Gettyimages | Paul Marotta

The far-reaching implications for the word discrepancy mean the current charges wouldn't fit the bill. Currently, Loughlin and her husband have been charged with conspiracy to commit federal programs bribery, in addition to, conspiracy to commit money laundering and wire and mail fraud. The notion that the $500,000 paid as a donation to Singer and the Key Worldwide Foundation would negate those charges, making them non-applicable to the Loughlin and Giannuli's cases.

As a result, the couple filed a motion on March 25 to have their respective cases dropped. Their lawyer released a damning statement accusing the government and legal system of framing the defendants for crimes they didn't commit.

'The Recordings Are Highly Inflammatory, Prejudicial, and Deliberately Misleading...'


"The Government’s extraordinary misconduct warrants extraordinary relief. The facts known so far justify dismissal of the indictment," the statement said, according to People Magazine, who obtained the memo on Thursday. "At a minimum, the Court should order suppression of the tainted recordings."

Their lawyer would go on to call the released recordings between the FBI and Singer as 'inflammatory and 'deliberately misleading'. "Suppression is essential because the recordings are highly inflammatory, prejudicial, and deliberately misleading—especially in light of Singer’s other statements to Defendants and the Government that the payments were not bribes," the statement from their attorney continued.

The Couple's Attorney Calls For Case to Be Dropped to Correct Prosecutorial and Government Misconduct

Gettyimages | Boston Globe

"The Court should also order an evidentiary hearing to uncover the full truth about the recordings and the Government’s efforts to fabricate and conceal evidence. These measures are essential to preserve the integrity of this proceeding and to deter future prosecutorial misconduct," the couple's statement from their lawyer concluded.

In February, when the recordings first surfaced, the couple's attorney attempted to postpone the trial date set in October due to new 'exonerable' evidence becoming available. That motion was denied, even though the evidence is now being incorporated into the trial that is still a go.

Singer Revealed FBI Agents Instructed Him to Lie About Nature of Payments


In filing the motion to postpone the trial, the couple's attorney stated that FBI agents had instructed Singer to lie about the nature of payments made to him. "Singer’s notes indicate that FBI agents yelled at him and instructed him to lie by saying that he told his clients who participated in the alleged ‘side door’ scheme that their payments were bribes, rather than legitimate donations that went to the schools," their attorney's statement said at the time.

Developments for the case are sure to happen as the judge addresses the filed motion and determine whether to move forward with the trial.

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