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Meghan Markle photographed candidly

Meghan Markle Gave Up What Could Have Been Her Biggest Endeavor To Marry Prince Harry

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By Chris Barilla

Meghan Markle has proven considerably through her time in the spotlight that she is a force to be reckoned with in many different fields. Rising to fame way before her royal entaglement through a role on the highly popular telelvision show 'Suits,' she established a notoriety in her own right. But with that in mind, Markle was never just an actress, even extending herself into personal business ventures directly prior to linking up with Prince Harry and making things official.

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Markle created her own lifestyle website, known as The Tig, pretty much all by herself before becoming a British royal. Once Markle announced her historical engagement to the Prince, she was forced to shut down the site and the affiliated social media pages it had built up since being founded. Now, with a few years removed from these acts, the question still remains, would The Tig have actually taken off and developed into a major face in the wellness business?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry photographed candidly together
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Perhaps the archetype for successful wellness brands started by an actress is Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop, a highly successful entity in the field of wellness that has spawned a website, a magazine, and even a television show. Although Goop as a company is often the butt of jokes, its success in the field is undeniable, and given Markle's significantly lesser amount of controversy in life, The Tig could have potentially grown even larger in size and pull than Paltrow's wellness company.

Meghan Markle photographed candidly
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The health and wellness industry is experiencing an unprecedented surge right now, according to Medium, which reported that the industry as a whole is now worth $4.2 trillion, a massive valuation. Markle's The Tig was founded significantly prior to that uptick, so one could assume if the former dutchess were to have stuck with the company she would have reaped the benefits of the soaring industry as well. Now, without any more royal obligations, will the former actress move into the wellness field again?

Meghan Markle photographed candidly
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Now that they're living a significantly more quiet and family-oriented life after forgoing their Royal titles, the couple have plenty of free time to pursue their passion projects. Rumors have suggested that Markle may make a return to the entertainment world in the form of an executive, such as a producer. Others speculate that she could very well start a new wellness company up. Given the fact that Markle's fame has only soared more so since folding The Tig, her new endeavor may even prove to be more successful than the last.

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