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Prince William And Prince Harry Still Have Underlying Issues Between Them

Gettyimages | Karwai Tang
By Rima Pundir

Even for those of us who are not ruled by the monarchs, the Royal Family has always been a hot topic of discussion. And honestly, the family drama within the walls of Buckingham as well as all their lavish homes is far more interesting than any soap opera, even if it is nothing more than tabloid gossip. The latest is that the brothers, Prince William and Prince Harry are unwilling to bridge the gap that seems to be widening between them. Here's what we know...

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Once, They Were Thick As Thieves

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Princess Diana raised them with all the love and affection and the world, despite the fact that once, in a bout of depression, she threw herself down the stairs whilst pregnant with Harry. Even after the tragic death of their mother, it seemed to bring the then-teens closer to each other. So for anyone who knows them, or knew Diana, it's painful to watch the simmering resentment they harbor for each other, with neither of them willing to give an inch.

Harry Was All For William Wedding Kate

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Even when Prince William got married to Kate Middleton, the trio remained close. Kate seemed very fond of Prince Harry, and when William and Kate dutifully produced heirs, Harry seemed to be a doting uncle. Things began to change when Harry introduced Meghan Markle to the family. Perhaps because she was divorced and older than Harry, the reception she received from the Royals was less than gracious. The cracks appeared then, with Harry feeling as if his choice never really mattered.

Meghxit Was The Final Straw

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Things seemed fine during and after the wedding, and pictures showed that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle were warming up to each other, especially after Meghan gave birth to baby Archie. But when the tabloids relentlessly kept after Meghan, and Harry felt as if the members of the Royal Family were also snubbing her, they made a decision that reverberated in the UK as Meghxit. While Harry and Meghan wanted to take a step back to protect themselves and their little son, William took it as a rejection, perhaps.

The Anger Is On Both Sides

Gettyimages | PHIL HARRIS

Sources say that while Prince William felt blindsided by Meghxit, Harry felt he needed to protect Meghan and Archie, and look out for himself as well. The brothers are not washing their dirty linen in public, but the strain is rather obvious on their faces. Now, with their father Prince Charles diagnosed with Coronavirus, will they put their differences aside and run to his aid? For now, Harry and Meghan are off to LA, Meghan's hometown, and are leading a quiet, self-isolated life because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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