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Meghan Markle Lands Narrating Gig At Disney

Gettyimages | WPA Pool
By kenadijiba

The British press lost their ever loving minds when video came out of Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle, attending the premiere of the Lion King, and Harry pitching his wife to some high level Disney head. Like a good Hollywood agent Harry took advantage of this moment, and highlighted his very talented wife’s attributes as an actress. Interestingly enough Meghan now has made good on this opportunity, and is a booked and busy ex royal. There will be no importu cash app calls to the Queen.

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Working Women

Unsplash | Becca Tapert

This century we all adore a working woman. Obviously it's so unhealthy to push the narrative that as women they can do it all, but it's so inspirational to see someone trying. Being a mother and still keeping it classy and professional is one of the many things people love about Meghan. After becoming a royal you would think that aspirations would fade away, but Meghan clearly wasn't satiated. What a bold American trait to have. It's not a part of our DNA to be satisfied.

Shade Thrown


The shade thrown Harry’s way concerning him making a move on his wife’s behalf is so juvenile. Why are you hating on a man being supportive of his ambitious wife? Maybe people should be more attentive to their own aspirations and dreams instead of criticizing someone else's. For trolls who thought Meghan Markle would never work again, the jokes on you. Now she is narrating a Disney plus production, and doing it well. Aside from everything else, Meghan does genuinely have an intriguing speaking voice.

Prince Harry

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Shaking the spotlight off of Meghan for a moment, let's dissect what Prince Harry is doing. It must be quite humbling breaking into the job market when you probably haven't been allowed to formulate your own likes, and dislikes. Your life effectively was planned out for you since the day you were born. Clearly Harry wasn't content with that path, and is longing for something more. But what is he good at? Sure, he is handsome and doesn't lack charisma, but does he have any skills.

Possible Jobs

Gettyimages | eddie sanderson

Hmmm, let's collectively brainstorm for a few seconds. Lumberjack? A novelist? Maybe, he could be a realtor. Oh wait, could you imagine if Prince Harry starred in a soap opera, and not playing himself as most commonly known people do, but as an actual character. Lord, the Queen might just throw a scepter across the room. Prince Charles on the other hand doesn't have time for those types of shenanigans. He is currently dealing with his own ciris, having Coronavirus has to be tough. Hopefully Harry will be supportive and not allow this petty drama to come between them.

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